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Grant a parent or another person access to your information

Learn how to give your parent/guardian or other trusted person delegated access to your CampS student account.

You can give them access to the following:

  • View your contact information
  • View and change your emergency contacts
  • View your financial aid awards
  • View your grades
  • View holds that have been placed on your account
  • View pending items on your to-do list
  • View and pay bills
Steps for student to share access
Step 1

Log into your CampS account.

Step 2

Click the “Profile" tile on the student homepage. 

Step 3

Click the “Share My Information” navigation menu option.

Step 4

If you see someone’s name listed on the next screen under the “Delegate Access To A New Contact” button, that means you’ve already given that person access.
If their “Contact Status” is “Unknown” that means they haven’t finished their steps of the process.
Resend the notification to them by clicking the “Edit” button and then “Resend Email Notification”. 

Step 5

To give someone access, click the “Delegate Access to a New Contact” button.

Step 6

Review the terms and conditions and click the “I Accept” button.

Step 7

Enter the person’s contact information, click the checkbox next to all the items you’d like them to have access to, and click the “Save” button.

Step 8

You’ll see a pop-up message that your contact will get an email notification with the steps they must take to complete the process. Click “OK” to continue.

Step 9

You’ll see a confirmation screen that you successfully saved the contact.

Step 10

Follow up with your contact to ensure they received the email and followed their steps to complete the process. Gaining access can take up to 24 hours after your contact completes their steps. To complete the process, they will need to follow the steps below.

Steps for person you are giving access to
Step 1

You should have received an email from UW-Eau Claire that contains a link to CampS, our student information system, and a security key code, which you will need to enter. Click the link in the email to create an account in CampS.

Step 2

In the browser window that opens, click the “Create Account” button if you’re a new user, or enter your username and password if you already have an account in CampS.

Skip to Step 7 if you’re a returning user and you’re logging into CampS.

Step 3

If you’re a new user, enter the email address where you received the sign-up email, create a password, enter your first and last name, and click the “Submit” button.

Step 4

On the next screen, enter the same email address and the password you created.

Step 5

Review the terms and conditions and click the “I Accept” checkbox, and then enter the security key from the email you received and your email address and click “Submit”.

Step 6

One more time, log into CampS using the same email address and the password you created.

Step 7

On the left side of the CampS home page, click the “Shared Information Center” link.

Step 8

On the next screen, you’ll see the areas your student has given you access to. Click any link to view the information in your student’s account in CampS.

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