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Scholarships are a great way to help pay for college

There are many scholarships available at UWEC and beyond to help students pay for college. Here are the steps to finding scholarships available to you.

Step 1

Discover the many scholarships available to you through UWEC. You can browse all of the scholarships to find the ones you qualify for. For example, you can search scholarships available to new freshman, veterans, or even transfer students. You can also search for scholarships by department or area of study.

Find scholarships

Step 2

You can search and find various private scholarships available to you outside of UWEC as well. If you are a high school student, make sure to check with your school counselor for local or national scholarships you may be able to apply for. There are also a number of website resources to search for scholarships available nationwide.

Important: If you have received a private scholarship (any scholarship that is not UWEC specific), you need to report this to Blugold Central in order to apply to your tuition bill. Private scholarships are not immediately applied to your account; it can take 1 to 2 weeks to process scholarship checks, so students must get checks in as soon as possible to avoid additional fees or holds on your account. Please contact Blugold Central if you have a scholarship to apply to your account.

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