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Health Resources

Wellness Links - currently being updated.

Student Health Service provides a variety of resources to serve the needs of students. In the list below we have provided links to sites offering a wide range of information on health issues.

We also have downloadable resources on our Self Help page, and printed brochures available in the clinic. If you need information for a class project, including educational brochures, please contact our Health Educators at 715-836-5110 or 5112.

Student Health Services works closely with Counseling Services to ensure patient's mental health needs are being met.  Students may be referred to counseling from a SHS provider or may directly contact Counseling Services.  

We do not routinely write letters for ESAs and will not complete any ESA paperwork on a student's first visit to Student Health Service.  Treatment decisions regarding ESAs will be completed on a case-by-case basis, at the discretion of your health care provider.

With the ever-increasing cost of college education, we are aware that students may have difficulty obtaining enough food to met their needs.  UWEC works with Campus Harvest food pantry to help with supplemental food assistance. 

Student Health Service strives to ensure students are well-informed and understand their treatment plan following an appointment.  We have interpreting services available upon request and would be happy to help facilitate the use of this service. 


Student Health Service staff want to ensure all students feel welcome and able to seek out care at our clinic.  We strive to ensure a safe, open, and inclusive environment and encourage students to interact with our team to help improve their overall care.  We also encourage students to utilize UW-Eau Claire's on campus resources through the Gender Sexuality and Resource Center (link below).


Each student will bring unique life experiences to UWEC.  Some of the these experiences may be due to mental or physical disabilities.  Student Health Services works closely with the SSD (Services for Students with Disabilities) Office to ensure students are allowed equal access and accommodations to meet their specific needs.  




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