Meeting Notices

| Jean Piper

Meeting notices should be used to announce meetings of established universitywide committees or for agendas that include discussions of issues of universitywide concern. The Open Meetings Law requires that meeting notices inform those reasonably likely to be interested in the agenda under discussion. Meetings of departments or committees generally may be announced within those specific areas only and need not be included in meeting notices unless the agenda includes universitywide matters.


Tuesday, Jan. 14

University Staff Council Professional Development Day Committee
2-3:30 p.m., Hibbard Hall (510A). Agenda: 1) Call to order; 2) Roll call; 3) Approval of minutes from 12/12/2019; 4) Open Forum for any member of the University community to speak to the committee; 5) Reports; 6) New Business; a) Suggestions for session speakers to invite (Nicole has suggestions); b) Check on who second Technology person is supposed to be; c) Keynote Speakers – Add ideas to chart and get correct pricing; 7) Old Business ; a) Professional Development Webpage for new PD Portal (HR) – Nicole emailed Kelly Holzer & Jean Piper (& CC’d committee) on 1/7/2020. Update?; b) Update on “Call for Proposals” to be emailed by Nancy Borth (not in BluGold FYI), as well as related Qualtrics survey – Nicole & Sheryl; c) Reminder: Microsoft Teams – January 15, 2020, 3-4 pm, HFA 276. Best parking is in HSS or Water St lots (by lights) or HFA lot (has faculty/student spaces now); d) 2019 Event Feedback – Session Speakers; e) 2019 Event Feedback – for Vice Chancellors – Nicole; f) Funding for 2019-2020 Professional Development Day – Nicole; i) University Staff Council Fund: $2,000; ii) University Centers/Sodexo: $1,900; iii) Foundation: ; g) The 2020 Professional Development Day event: “EAU, Exploring Gateways of Opportunity”; 1) Donation letters ready? – Nicole; 2) PDD 2020 Project Workbook – Update “Sessions + Rooms” tab with Centennial info & updates in MS Teams – Megan; 3) Barron Co presenters to utilize – ideas found?; 4) Inviting local/community colleges – Nicole; 5) Utilizing Centennial; a) Rooms on 1st & 2nd floors should be enough; b) Colored name tags to be used – Megan; c) Session ideas: Chart Below; 8) Announcements; 9) Adjournment;)

Wednesday, Jan. 15

University Staff Personnel Committee
2-3 p.m., VLL1128. Agenda: 1) Call to order 2) Approve Minutes from previous meeting 3) Reports; a) Chair Report; b) US Rep Report; 4) Unfinished Business a) Performance Management Policy Updates; b) Grievance Policy Update 5) New Business 6) Adjournment.

Tuesday, Jan. 22

University Staff Council
10-11:30 a.m., Vicki Lord Larson Hall (1128).  1) Call to order; 2) Roll call; 3) Introduction of guests; 4) Approval of minutes from December 17, 2019 meeting; 5) Guest - LaRue Pierce, Dean of Students; 6) Open forum for any member of the university community to speak to the council; 7) Administrator Remarks – David Miller, HR; 8) Reports: a. Chair’s report; b. Vice-chair’s report; c. University Staff Rep’s report; d. Committee reports; e. Other reports; 9) Unfinished Business: a. Update on service-learning policy excluding University Staff; b. Update on invitation to Dr. Warren Anderson, Vice Chancellor of EDISA to meet with council; c. Other unfinished business; 10) New Business: a. New UWEC employment page – academic staff and university staff positions combined under ‘staff’; b. SharePoint pages for Teams vs. University Staff pages; c. Discussion about Professional Development Day funding and Foundation; d. Update on creation of foundation account for employee appreciation; e. Term expirations and election: 1. Notices to council and committee members with terms expiring; 2. Bench building of council for 2020 and beyond; 3. Documentation of election process and procedures; 11) Announcements; 12) Adjournment;