Meeting Notices

| Jean Piper

Meeting notices should be used to announce meetings of established universitywide committees or for agendas that include discussions of issues of universitywide concern. The Open Meetings Law requires that meeting notices inform those reasonably likely to be interested in the agenda under discussion. Meetings of departments or committees generally may be announced within those specific areas only and need not be included in meeting notices unless the agenda includes universitywide matters.

Monday, May 14

University Liberal Education Committee (ULEC) 
2-3 p.m., Council Oak (260), Davies Center. Agenda: 1) Approval of Minutes; 2) Consideration of Proposals; 3) Miscellaneous Business. Please see for the most up-to-date agenda. 

Tuesday, May 15

University Staff Council
10-11:30 a.m., Old Library (1128). Agenda: 1)  Call to order; 2) Roll call; 3) Introduction of guests; 4) Approval of minutes from April 17, 2018; 5) Open Forum for any member of the University Community to speak to the Council; 6) Administrator Remarks – David Miller, HR; 7) Reports (please submit written reports): a. Chair’s Report; b. Chair-elect’s Report; c. University Staff Rep’s Report; d. Committee Reports; e. Other reports; 8) Unfinished Business: a. Terminal leave policy; b. Other unfinished business; 9) New Business: a. Constitution amendments; b. University Staff Bylaws amendments; c. Report on council and committee term status; d. Discussion on June 19 council meeting; e. Other new business; 10) Announcements; 11) Adjournment.

Academic Policies
2-3 p.m., Chancellors Room (311), Davies Center. Agenda: 1) Approval of the minutes of May 8, 2) Coordination of Academic Policies for the UWEC-UWBC merger.

Wednesday, May 16

Graduate Council
3-4:30 p.m., Chancellors Room (311), Davis Center. Agenda 1) Review and Approve Minutes from March 28, 2018; 2) Review Course Inventory Management (CIM) Process; 3) Review Graduate Program Assessment; 4) Announcements; 5) Other Business.

Thursday, May 17

University Staff Council Professional Development Committee
9:30-11 a.m., Old Library (1122). Agenda: 1) Call to order; 2) Roll call; 3) Approval of minutes from 05/10/2018; 4) Open Forum for any member of the University community to speak to the committee; 5) Reports; 6) Unfinished Business: A) Active Shooter Training; a. Status of Follow-up survey; b. Discussion of follow-up sessions; B) Professional Development Day: a. Status of request for ORSP support; b. EDI Offering follow-up; c. Massage; d. Finalize workshop schedule, room assignments; e. Donations, Prizes; f. Communications; g. Printing – brochure, faculty flyer; h. Survey; i. Supplies – name tags, folders, etc; 7) New Business: a. Other business; 8) Announcements; 9) Set next meeting date; 10) Adjournment;

Professional Development Advisory Committee
Noon-1 p.m., Little Niagara (211), Davies Center. Agenda: 1) May Proposals for Review, a) Workshops and Special Projects Travel - five Proposals for review, b) Guest Lecturers, Artists & Other Professionals - two Proposals for review.