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Student organization feature: University Activities Commission

| Denise Olson

Photo caption: Every year, one of the biggest celebrations on campus is Homecoming. From the daily events of Homecoming Week to Varsity Night Live, the parade and post-game Cabin concert, the UAC brings school spirit out in force.

Student organizations are an important part of the college experience, and we want to recognize a student organization that makes a huge impact on campus life at UW-Eau Claire. 

From planning small campus concerts and karaoke nights to a major undertaking like Homecoming, the University Activities Commission (UAC) embodies a student organization at its best. They conceive and execute great ideas to make life at UW-Eau Claire about so much more than classes and exams. 

The UAC is a commission of Student Senate. The committees of the UAC sponsor an average of 70 events each academic year, about 30-35 per semester. 

"The UAC is an 'unsung hero' for campus. These students plan and host events that most fellow students attend without knowing who is behind it," says UAC staff advisor Corey Stockman. 

"What makes the UAC so unique is that it's just one student organization but it creates events that are for everyone. From music and movies to festivals and casual social gatherings — it's all about having fun for all."

late night event from AUC, movie night on campus mall, viewers spread across campus mall, image from rooftop

Sept. 4 Movie Night on the Mall, a screening of "Spider Man" under the stars.

Six key things to know about the UAC

To find out what this organization is all about, we asked UAC programming director Zach Jacobson what is most important about the UAC. Here is what the senior social studies education major from Eagan, Minnesota, wants you all to know: 

1) What are the major events that students should know are created and hosted by the UAC? 

It's pretty much broken down by the committee names, which are Late-Night Activities, Films, and Festivals and Concerts. So it's things like Homecoming, Winter Carnival, SpringFest, Cabin concerts and one major concert each year usually held in Zorn Arena. Recent events outside of Homecoming have been pumpkin painting, movie nights on the mall, the Gayle concert in Zorn, a Pasta and Trivia Night at Dulany Inn, and a Karaoke Night in Hilltop. It's been a busy fall. 

2) What is the cost of UAC events for Blugold students? 

With the exception of the big concerts in Zorn, our events are free to students, and they often include food. Most events sponsored by UAC are also available to the public. There are occasional events that may have a cost or slightly elevated cost for the public.

3) Where do students find out about the events you host? 

Everything will be posted in the Blugold Connect+ app calendar, plus there will be campus posters for many events. I'd recommend following our UAC Instagram account as well. Details and reminders will be posted there on a regular basis. 

4) What do you see as the overall mission of the UAC? 

I believe that the UAC brings the fun to Blugold student life. We know that school and life can be stressful and we hope that UAC can provide the escape that students need to enjoy their time on campus. For those students who choose to get involved at the committee level or work with us to coordinate an event they might propose, there are some added benefits. The kind of work done through the UAC teaches a variety of skills from event planning to thinking on your feet, adaptability and teamwork. It takes all of us to put on an event and that helps us all grow as people, future professionals and active community members. 

5) What upcoming event might be fun to highlight? 

On Oct. 26 there will be a Late-Night Taylor Swift Listening Party, for the drop of the 1989 album, Taylor's Version. It's in The Cabin in Davies Center, doors open at 9 p.m. and music starts at 11 p.m. We will have trivia, snacks and prizes. See the Connect+ app for more details. 

6) How do students get involved with the UAC or help with an event? 

There are several ways to connect with us. Students can email, Corey Stockman at or myself at

Another good way to reach us is a message through the UAC Instagram account

We welcome new UAC members and would love to hear ideas for potential events and even suggestions about past events. 

Hip hop singer Bryce Vine playing a 2022 concert in Zorn Arena

In the first major campus concert after the pandemic, UAC welcomed rapper Bryce Vine and special guest opener Landon Conrath to a packed Zorn Arena on Friday, May 6, 2022.