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Welcome to the UW-Eau Claire Student Outcomes page

Below you will find information about retention rates, graduation rates, time to degree, credits to degree, student learning outcomes, high impact practices, and a link to Career Service's First Destination Survey.

Retention & Graduation Rates, Credits to Degree, & Time to Degree

Who is included: undergraduate retention and graduation rates measure how many of the students who begin as first-time, full-time new freshmen at UW-Eau Claire continue to the next year (retention) or graduate in four, five or six years after enrolling for the first time (graduation). These rates do not include students who transfer in to UW-Eau Claire, part-time, or international students. It also does not account for students who transfer out of UW-Eau Claire and graduate at another institution. Credits to degree and time to degree measure the average number of credits and the average number of years it takes to graduate for students who started at UW-Eau Claire as first-time, full-time new freshmen, by year of graduation. Graduate retention and graduation rates are for new part-time and full-time graduate students by incoming fall cohort. 

High Impact Practices at UW-Eau Claire

UW-Eau Claire encourages all students to participate in High Impact Practices. The university focuses its High Impact Practice efforts on internships, immersion experiences (including study abroad), and student/faculty collaborative research. All students also participate in service learning.

First Destination Survey

Each year Career Services at UW-Eau Claire reaches out to new graduates to gather information about placement in jobs and continuing education.  The information-gathering process and results are published in the First Destination Survey.


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