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The International Fellows Program capitalizes on the strengths and success of high-impact practices and supports international student-faculty field research.

The International Fellows Program for Research, Service, and Creative Activity is made possible by a multi-year Blugold Commitment Grant. This innovative program is coordinated by the Intercultural Immersion Coordinator in collaboration with the Center for International Education, the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs and the Center for Service-Learning. 

Summer 2024 Projects

Title: Summer Internship at the Charles Darwin Research Station; Galapagos, Ecuador

Faculty: Kelly Murray (Biology) and Wil Taylor (Biology Emeritus)
Students: Kendra Fehrman, Jadyn Hartwig, Samuel Morehead, Claire Pahl. 
Abstract: In addition to being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Galapagos Islands is the birthplace of modern biology and a mecca for world-class scientists conducting research in evolutionary biology, island biogeography, marine science, and other disciplines. UWEC students will have a unique opportunity to work at the Charles Darwin Research Station, side-by-side with top scientists, in research projects with various specific themes.

Title: Imaging Holocaust and Coastal Environments: Latvia and Lithuania

Faculty: Harry Jol (Geography and Anthropology) and Martin Goettl (Geography and Anthropology)
Students: Dana Anderson, Ellen Heunisch, Jaden Olski, Tylor Rocha, Georgie Ziemer. 
Abstract: Many Holocaust, archaeological, and geomorphic site investigations lack a tool that will provide an image of the subsurface in a noninvasive and non-destructive manner. As a leader in educating undergraduate students on the use of ground penetrating radar (GPR) to better understand the subsurface, UWEC has been invited to collaborate with several Latvian and Lithuanian organizations and conduct original research at multiple sites. This student-faculty international joint research project will obtain non-invasive GPR and UAV data at sensitive and significant Holocaust, archaeological, and geomorphic sites.

Title: Cross-National Comparative Analysis of Dementia Care and Long-term Services and Supports for Older Adults in the U.S. and England

Faculty: Frances Hawes (Health Care Administration) 
Students: Emma Cochrane, Kandis Fieber, Sara Lacoursiere. 
Abstract: This research aims to undertake a comparative analysis of long-term services and supports (LTSS) for older adults in the United States and England, with a particular emphasis on dementia care. This initiative aligns with the imperative in healthcare to draw insights from diverse systems to elevate care quality and guide policymaking, as underscored by recent calls for papers in leading aging journals. This study will investigate healthcare professionals responsible for individuals with dementia and concurrent health conditions, addressing the inherent complexities of such care. The unique healthcare systems, funding mechanisms, and regulatory frameworks in the United States and England present a valuable opportunity to unearth best practices and identify areas for improvement, ultimately informing policy decisions and optimizing resource allocation for LTSS.

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