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International Fellows Program Projects

Research around the world

The International Fellows Program capitalizes on the strengths and success of high-impact practices and supports international student-faculty field research.

The International Fellows Program for Research, Service, and Creative Activity is made possible by a multi-year Blugold Commitment Grant. This innovative program is coordinated by the Intercultural Immersion Coordinator in collaboration with the Center for International Education, the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs and the Center for Service-Learning. 

Summer 2022 Projects

Title: Summer Internship at the Charles Darwin Research Station; Galapagos, Ecuador

Faculty: Wil Taylor (Biology) and Kelly Murray (Biology)
Students: Victoria Cole, Jessica King, Dana Lind, Ryan Swenson
Abstract: In addition to being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Galapagos Islands is the birthplace of modern biology and a mecca for world-class scientists conducting research in evolutionary biology, island biogeography, marine science, and other disciplines. UWEC students will have a unique opportunity to work at the Charles Darwin Research Station, side-by-side with top scientists, in research projects with various specific themes.

Title: French Hmong Studies; Savigny-le-Temple, France

Faculty: Kong Pha (Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies)
Students: TBD
Abstract: The Critical Hmong Studies program at UW‐Eau Claire has provided the forum for students to question, reflect, and request more information to
understand the context of Hmong people as a minority group undergoing rapid socio‐cultural changes in the world. Our UW‐Eau Claire Hmong students have
experienced a loss of identity and culture with being an ethnic minority in the U.S. The significance of this research will help enlarge the narratives of Hmong
people in France, how their economic, health, social networking situations relates to our student researchers’ academic studies. This research will help our
UWEC Hmong students connect with and explore Hmong identity, culture, and assimilation in a context different from that of the Hmong in the United States.

Title: Gleiche Gemüter suchen sich (Similar Minds Seek Each Other. Great Minds Agree): Teamwork and Communication in German, Austrian, and US Corporations; Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Nuremburg, Regensburg, Munich, Stuttgart, and Feldberg, Germany and Linz and Vienna, Austria

Faculty: Paula Lentz (Business Communication) and Nancy Hanson-Rasmussen (Management + Marketing)
Students: TBD
Abstract: This project will investigate team dynamics and communication in German and Austrian companies. Germany represents a culture, business climate, and communication context that lends itself well to this purpose. Using a conversation analysis methodology, we and a team of 3‐4 students will attend then analyze recordings and observations of team meetings in German companies. Students have the opportunity to get first‐hand experience in observing, analyzing, and interpreting the communication, leadership, and team behaviors that they learn about in their business communication
courses and organizational behavior and other management courses at UW‐Eau Claire. 

Title: Community Radio and LGBTQ Representation; Bangalore, India

Faculty: Asha Sen (English) 
Students: TBD
Abstract: The purpose of this project is to experience and understand the way in which RadioActive, a community based radio station in Bangalore, India, provides a platform for the LGBTQ community to have a voice through an examination of the performance of the *Jeeva Diaries* (a true and personal account of a transgender subject). By studying the processes related to the production and reception of the *Jeeva Diaries,* we hope to gain a better understanding of the aesthetics and politics involved in radio drama as it relates to sexual minority subjects.

Title: Canta in Italia; Lucca, Italy

Faculty: Ken Pereira (Music + Theatre)
Students: TBD
Abstract: Seven music students, six vocalists and one pianist, will participate in "Canta in Italia" in Lucca, Italy. During the months of May and June (28 days), the students will have immersive Italian language classes (38 hours of direct instruction), daily voice lessons and coachings, weekly master classes, acting classes, staging rehearsals, a day trip to Florence museums, and a trip to Arena di Verona and opera tickets, culminating in two concerts of staged Italian opera scenes for the general public. Repertoire is chosen from Italian operas by composers such as Donizetti, Rossini, Mozart, Bellini Verdi, and Puccini among others. 

Title: Chemical Phlebitis Related to Chemotherapy: Incidence and Management; Goiania, Brazil

Faculty: Dalete Mota (Nursing)
Students: Maria Becker, Sydney Miller
Abstract: The most common way to administer intravenous chemotherapy around the world is by peripheral catheters. A frequent complication of this route of chemotherapy infusion is phlebitis, more specifically, chemical phlebitis (CP). Despite its high prevalence, there is a lack of information on the incidence and associated factors of CP, and no clear effective intervention has been reported for this problem. Therefore, this research project aims at identifying the incidence, associated factors of CP in patients receiving intravenous chemotherapy.

Winterim 2023 Projects

Title: New Compositions for Reducing Stress and Creating Positive Emotions; Melbourne and Sydney, Australia

  • Faculty: Chia-Yu Hsu (Music + Theatre)
  • Students: TBD
  • Abstract: This project is a pilot qualitative study in Australia to create music that reduces stress and anxiety, and creates positive emotion. Students will study and discuss with the music therapy team at the Royal Children’s Hospital and Dr. Cathy Crock, who founded the Hush Foundation in Melbourne, Australia, to focus on using music to create a better environment for patients. Students and then create new compositions based on the study and perform them at retirement centers in Melbourne and Sydney.
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