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The Academic Intervention Clinic (AIC) provides academic assessment and intervention services to children who are experiencing academic difficulties. The clinic offers services to help improve a child's academic performance by assessing academic skills, identifying and implementing effective interventions, and monitoring progress. The AIC uses state of the art intervention technology to design, implement, and measure student progress in reading, mathematics, and written language.

Services are provided by specially trained undergraduate and graduate students under the direct supervision of UWEC faculty with expertise in academic assessment and intervention.

We are currently partnered with several schools in the Altoona School District (Altoona Elementary School), and the Eau Claire Area School District (Longfellow, Montessori School, Meadowview, and Roosevelt). Services during the school year are only offered to those students enrolled in those schools. We also offer academic assessment and intervention services to children during the summer. Those interested in a referral should contact the Human Development Center at 715-836-5604.

Clinic Directors

Dr. Michael I. Axelrod
Dr. Melissa Coolong-Chaffin
Dr. Mary Beth Tusing

Graduate Student Co-Coordinators for 2020-2021 Academic Year

Caitlin Dorle, 2nd-year student in School Psychology

Corinne Klopotek, 2nd-year student in School Psychology

Erin Schreiner, 2nd-year student in School Psychology

Mika Colson, 1st-year student in School Psychology

Jennifer Schmidt, 1st-year student in School Psychology

UWEC Students Interested in Becoming an Interventionist

UW-Eau Claire’s Academic Intervention Clinic is looking for undergraduate students who are motivated and committed to working with elementary age students at local elementary schools as academic interventionists.

 The Academic Intervention Clinic’s approach is to use evidence-based interventions to improve the academic skills of at-risk and low achieving students. Interventionists work with several elementary age students, implementing various academic interventions, and collecting data on each student’s progress throughout the semester. Interventionists receive training at the beginning of the semester to learn the intervention model including the specific interventions used and data collection methods. There are also opportunities to collaborate with faculty and other students on research pertaining to academic assessment and intervention.

Interested UWEC undergraduate students should complete the following application and return it to Dr. Axelrod via email.

Academic Intervention Clinic Interventionist Application

Resources for Professionals

The Academic Intervention Clinic is committed to evidence-based practice in the field of education and educational assessment and intervention. As a result, we engage in scholarship to help inform professionals' practice in the assessment, development, implementation, and monitoring of academic interventions. Please feel free to contact us should you have questions about our work.

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