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Innovative Spaces, Exceptional Places

We foster innovation at UW-Eau Claire, striving to help students explore the unknown and become individuals driven to make a difference. In order to help our community of students, faculty and staff achieve their dreams of doing in the impossible, we are always working to keep our campus up-to-date with new buildings and projects that align with the university's goals and values. While the construction process isn't always pretty, the end result is being able to deliver a product capable of giving back to the university for years to come.

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Current Projects

Facilities projects are driven by UW-Eau Claire's Campus Master Plan - a framework for the physical development of our beautiful campus that conforms to our values of stewardship and sustainability. The plan and resulting projects take into account the academic and strategic goals of the university, and our vision of a vibrant learning and living environment for students, faculty, staff and community.

Click here for a summary of current Facilities projects

Campus Exterior Door Card Readers

Status: In-progress

Description: Electronic card readers are being installed on selected exterior doors for all Eau Claire campus buildings. Facilities staff worked with building coordinators to identify doors for installation. The project will include installing an electronic card reader on at least one ADA-accessible door for each building. The project includes individual and groups access management. Students, faculty and staff will be able to access assigned buildings with their physical or mobile Blugold ID card.

Campus Impact: This project will enhance security and accessibility, providing a safer and more convenient environment for students, faculty, and staff. This project not only deters unauthorized access but also streamlines the management of access permissions, ultimately improving the overall campus experience.

Expected Completion: Spring 2024

Click here for a map of ADA-accessible doors with card access

Campus Hill Steam Tunnel & Partial Closure

Status: In-progress

Description: To prepare for future underground steam pit repairs, portions of Garfield Avenue on the campus hill are closed.

Campus Impact: Beginning Monday, Nov. 13, the northern-most set of stairs will be closed for the 2023-24 winter season due to crosswalk safety concerns. Signs will be placed on the sidewalk between Governors and Horan halls alerting pedestrians of this closure and alternate routes.

Expected Completion: Spring 2024

Click here for a map of the affected area and closures

Demolition of Zorn Arena, Brewer Hall & Kjer Theater

Status: Planned

Description: Zorn Arena, Brewer Hall, and Kjer Theater have a storied history, but have been replaced by the new Sonnentag Center and Pablo Center - modern facilities that better serve our campus and local community. These buildings will be closed in Summer 2024 and a demolition schedule will be established (expected Summer 2025). Plans are being developed to move current departments and units to other campus locations, and for the future use of the site.

Campus Impact: Local detours along the Garfield Avenue and Park Avenue corridors will be needed once demolition begins. Additional information will be communicated to campus as available.

Expected Completion: Summer 2025

Elevator Replacement in Hibbard & Schneider

Status: In-progress

Description: One elevator in Hibbard Hall is unavailable due to needed repairs. The remaining elevator in Hibbard and one elevator in Schneider are available and also scheduled for repairs. We are working with the State Division of Facilities Development (DFD) to make and schedule repairs.

Campus Impact: The one elevator in Hibbard and one elevator in Schneider will remain available until repairs are scheduled. Signs will be posted on the elevators when unavailable. Students, faculty and staff will be able to use existing elevators and stairs.

Expected Completion: Summer 2025

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Initiative

Status: In progress

Description: Campus leadership is aware of challenges to physically navigate campus and we are working to find solutions within UW-Eau Claire's ability. We are working closely with Division of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) and Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) leadership to understand current needs and challenges.

Current projects include:

  • Identifying space for new ADA/All Gender and Lactation rooms so we don’t negatively impact the fixture count in existing restrooms. Since the start of the initiative, Facilities has created space on the first floor of the Human Sciences and Services,  in in the process of creating space on the first floor of Hibbard Hall, and is exploring feasibility for the first floor of Vicki Lord Larson Hall.

  • Vice Chancellor Crickette and Facilities are working with the Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA) Division of Facilities Development (DFD) to engage a consultant to do a campus-wide ADA assessment, and help develop short term and long term solutions.

Campus Impact: These projects will support inclusiveness and equity on campus, ensuring that all individuals, regardless of their abilities or backgrounds, can fully and comfortably engage with the UW-Eau Claire's facilities and resources.

Expected Completion: Ongoing

Click here for more information in the Campus Physical Development Report

Science & Health Sciences Building

Status: In-progress

Description: The State of Wisconsin has allocated $340.3 million for the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire to replace its sole science facility, Phillips Hall, with a state-of-the-art Science and Health Sciences Building. Designed for contemporary research and education for students in high-demand STEM fields, the new building will be constructed on the former site of the Katharine Thomas and Putnam residence halls that were demolished in the fall of 2022.

Campus Impact: Local detours at the base of the campus hill, along Putnam Drive, and the Garfield Avenue corridor will be needed once construction starts in Spring 2024 and throughout the project

Expected Completion: Fall 2027

Click here for full details, renderings and timeline

Sonnentag Events Center & Fieldhouse at the County Materials Complex

Status: In-progress

Description: The Sonnentag Events Center & Fieldhouse at the County Materials Complex will be the largest indoor event venue in northwestern Wisconsin. Built and operated as a public-private partnership, Sonnentag was first envisioned in 2014. Construction began in the spring of 2022 and will replace UW-Eau Claire’s Zorn Arena.

Campus Impact: 

Expected Completion: Spring 2024

Click here for full details, renderings and timeline

Campus Master Plan

Completed in November 2011, UW-Eau Claire's Campus Master Plan 2010-2023 is the foundation for future facilities and physical plant development in support of UW-Eau Claire's strategic goal of becoming the premier undergraduate learning community in the upper Midwest. The plan provides a comprehensive, long-term framework for the development and management of the University's physical infrastructure and facilities. The goal is to align the campus's growth, renovation, and resource allocation with UW-Eau Claire's strategic mission and vision, ensuring that the physical environment supports academic, research, and administrative goals while fostering sustainability and a positive campus experience for all stakeholders.

What is a Campus Master Plan and How is it Created?

Master planning provides a comprehensive analysis of existing physical conditions and existing and projected physical needs, and develop recommendations for meeting those physical needs, providing a framework for the physical development of UW-Eau Claire for the next twenty years. The master plan integrates academic and financial planning of the campus with physical development planning. The master plan process includes input from UW-Eau Claire administration, faculty, staff and students; UW System and Division of State Facilities stakeholders; representatives of local government; and the community.

The campus master plan provides recommendations for land use, space use, image and identity, access and circulation, parking, open space, athletic and recreation facilities, utilities, sustainability and potential acquisition. The plan is informed by these aligned planning efforts; it supports academic planning and serves as the physical means for implementing the strategic plan. The master plan assesses the condition and suitability of current facilities; identifies appropriate physical solutions in conjunction with operational improvements; evaluates costs of solutions; seeks funding sources; and assigns roles and responsibilities for achieving the master plan recommendations. 

This dynamic process and its associated products guide the cohesive and comprehensive development of the UW-Eau Claire campus as it continues to evolve as a vibrant center of learning and living to meet the educational needs of the region and the state into the future.

Campus Physical Development Report

The Campus Physical Development Report highlights campus improvements to facilities and infrastructure. It is also a short range plan in conjunction with the state capital budget process, which identifies projects to support the campus mission and implementation of the campus master plan.

Click here to read current and past reports

Facilities Space Allocation

Campus departments, colleges, divisions, and individuals have needs to improve existing facilities by reallocating space or providing new space.  The project intake and approval process helps campus leadership set priorities in a comprehensive manner.  This process will optimize campus assets (spaces) by implementing a planning and management system, which guides communication and decision making to align with campus strategic goals. 

  • Project Evaluation Practice Directive Space modification process.
  • Space Modification eForm Review Project Evaluation Practive Directive prior to submitting.
  • Building Floor Plans Building floor plans available to faculty, staff, and students on our secure site.
  • Campus Furniture Review and submit eForm for Campus Furniture & Task Chairs.