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UWEC Counseling Services Practicum/Internship

UWEC Counseling Services offers an academic year long practicum/internship (e.g.,Summer through Spring or Fall through Spring) for masters or doctoral level students obtaining their degree in counseling, counseling/clinical psychology, or clinical social work.

The site offers trainees the opportunity to develop individual and group clinical skills in a university setting with a variety of presenting concerns. Such skills include intake assessment, group screenings, individual counseling skills, and group co-facilitation. Other training experiences may involve offering outreach to the campus community and program development. Trainees will also participate in individual supervision, case reviews with clinical staff, and group supervision/professional development with peers.

Trainees are expected to videotape/audiotape sessions to be used in supervision. Trainees are expected to dedicate approximately 20 hours per week to their training experience. This is a non-paid experience.

Please note that this is not an APA-accredited or APPIC internship placement.

Below is a more detailed description of training activities:

  • Direct service (individual, group): Trainees will provide short-term individual counseling to students who present with a wide range of concerns such as adjustment to college, mood concerns, family of origin issues, trauma, developmental issues, and etc. Options are available to co-facilitate group with other clinical staff members.
  • Outreach:Trainees are invited to assist center with outreach requests. Outreach may include educating campus community about services offered at center, tabling events, facilitating First Offender Classes, or other opportunities that arise.
  • Individual supervision: Trainees will receive one hour of individual clinical supervision per week from their direct supervisor. The function of the supervision is to monitor client's welfare, enhance trainee's counseling skills, enhance multicultural competence, promote personal and professional growth, and evaluate trainee's professional development on a continuous basis. Trainees are required to be prepared for supervision (e.g., be ready to discuss clients and professional growth, watch taped session and have clips identified to observe with supervisor). If co-facilitating a group, a half hour of supervision will be offered to trainees by their co-facilitator which is in addition to supervision with their direct supervisor.
  • Group supervision: Trainees with meet with the Intern Coordinator for one hour each week for didactic and experiential training related to intakes, client consultation, case conceptualization, treatment planning, videotape review, and case presentations. Time will also be devoted to keeping trainees informed of center developments, discuss concerns, and provide support while adjusting to the center. Also, one time per month, these group supervision sessions will focus on a professional development topic led by trainees, Intern Coordinator, or other clinical staff.
  • Case reviews and professional development training's: Trainees are welcome and strongly encouraged to attend other activities at center including case reviews and training's that are offered throughout the year.

Sample Training Schedule:

Activity Hours per Week
Individual counseling sessions (including intakes/triage assessments) 5-10
Group counseling 1.5
Outreach 1
Individual supervision (direct supervisor) 1
Individual supervision (group co-facilitator) .5
Group supervision 1
Case review and professional training 1-3
Clinical prep, video review, and paperwork 2-5
Total hours per Week 16-25

How to Apply:

Applications are submitted via e-mail to Erin Gumm

Application materials should include:

  • Contact information of phone and email and mailing address
  • Letter of application describing applicant's interest in the UWEC Counseling Services
  • Resume or Curriculum Vita including counseling-related education and experience
  • Contact information for 3 professional references from those who have either directly observed the applicant's counseling performance and/or have knowledge of the applicant's counseling-related experiences. At least one reference should be from a professor in the applicant's graduate program.

The application process begins with an initial screening followed by invitations for in-person interviews with selected applicants.

Decisions to accept practicum counselors for placement are based upon (1) the student's overall readiness for placement and (2) "goodness of fit" between a student's training needs and ability of the Counseling Services to meet those needs, and (3) support provided by professional reference.

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