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Student Speakers for Commencement

Become a Speaker

The Commencement Student Speaker Committee invites all undergraduate and graduate students eligible for graduation in May 2020 to apply to deliver the "Reflections" at the Commencement ceremonies on May 23, 2020.

  • Guidelines for submission of manuscripts are as follows:
    • When read at a normal speaking rate, the "Reflections" can be no longer than four minutes.
    • Give your speech a title.
    • Manuscripts must be clearly typed and double-spaced.
    • No two-person, shared manuscripts will be considered.
    • Name, current address, telephone number, email address and college should be included on the cover page only.
    • Deadline for submission of manuscripts is Friday, April 24th at 4 p.m.

Manuscripts should be emailed to Debra Lang (

  • Judging of the manuscripts will be based on the following criteria:
    • Development of a central theme
    • Relevance to all listeners and to the commencement occasion
    • Originality of ideas
    • Appropriateness of language and style

The Commencement Committee will select manuscripts to be presented orally before a second screening committee. The oral competition will take place on Thursday, April 30th in the Council Oak(260) in Davies at 3:00pm. Results will be e-mailed to all participants the following day.

Unless the committee has made recommendations for change, the "Reflections" speech will be given at the Commencement ceremony as it was written and presented to the final selection committee.

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