Recruit UWEC students

The Career Services office makes it very easy for employers to recruit, interview and hire Blugolds. From our Handshake software to career fairs and interview days, we do the leg work and you can just plan to come find amazing new employees.

  • Post jobs for UW-Eau Claire students and  graduates

Post your internship and full-time professional positions in Handshake, Career Services' online recruitment system.

  • Come to campus to conduct interviews

You can conduct on-campus interviews in our office. Log into Handshake to reserve an interview room and set-up an online schedule for students to request interviews with your organization. Learn more

  • Attend Campus Events

Connect with students early and often by becoming involved in on-campus events. Numerous opportunities are available to sponsor and attend events. Learn more

  • Create an Internship Program

Learn the steps to developing your own internship program, found by many employers to be the most effective way to hire new full-time employees. Learn more

  • Contact your Employer Relations Team

Our team of professionals is available to assist you every step of the way. Call us at 715-836-3487 or email arcc@uwec.edu

UW-Eau Claire successfully trains and prepares students who are indeed ready for the challenges of the business world. Our company's relationship with Career Services is priceless — we definitely have a winning formula in place.

Mark Henderson, Sherwin-Williams

A UW-Eau Claire student offers employers a host of relevant skills when they enter the job market, developed while obtaining a liberal arts education.

Practical Experience. Most students at UW-Eau Claire have participated in a practical experience such as an internship, study abroad experience, living learning community, domestic intercultural experience, and bring that real world experience into the workplace.

Research Experience. UW-Eau Claire is the UW System Center of Excellence for Faculty and Undergraduate Student Research Collaboration.

International/Multicultural Immersion. At UW-Eau Claire it's a priority to provide our students with meaningful, boundary-crossing multicultural immersion experiences.

Civic Responsibility UW-Eau Claire students have a strong sense of civic responsibility, fostered in part, by each students completing service learning in the community. Last year, UW-Eau Claire students volunteered a total of 30,000 hours.

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