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Karlgaard Towers

Karlgaard Towers

Take your experience at UWEC to new heights by finding a room in the Karlgaard Towers. The tallest buildings on campus, positioned on upper campus puts you at the top - literally. Make the largest residence halls at UWEC your new home!

Facts and Details

  • Marilyn Karlgaard Tower (Towers South): Capacity: 522 students
  • David Karlgaard Tower (Towers North): Capacity: 594 students
  • Upper Campus
  • Available for incoming and transfer students with some returning student availability
  • Standard rooms with two residents each
  • Mobile print station, air conditioning, game room, study nooks on each floor, large social spaces, fitness room, substance-free living areas, close to cafeteria
  • Towers South Second Floor is a Chemical Free Community. Individuals of all age live in a substance free environment.Towers North 10th Floors is a Scattered Upperclassman Floor only for transfer and returning students where male and females live door to door on this floor rather than by wing
  • Towers South 7th and 8th floors house the Rainbow Floors 
  • Mailing address:
    Student's name
    [Room number] Towers Hall
    642 University Drive
    Eau Claire, WI 54701
  • Hall Director
    Towers South Phone: 715-836-4760
    Towers North Phone: 715-836-3782

Building Information

Towers North
Towers North Floor Plan


Towers South

Towers South Floor Plan


 *All floors have the same layout. Example 305 represents location of 405, 505, etc.

Towers Room Layout 1 (X=Floor Level)
Towers North Rooms: X53, X57, X61, X65, X72, X76, X80, X84
Towers South Rooms: X04, X08, X12, X16, X23, X27, X31

Towers Room Layout 2 (X=Floor Level)
Towers North Rooms: X51, X55, X59, X63, X67, X70, X74, X78, X82, X86
Towers South Rooms: X02, X06, X10, X14, X18, X21, X25, X29, X33

Towers Room Layout 3 (X=Floor Level)
Towers North Rooms: X52, X56, X60, X64, X71, X75, X79, X83, X87
Towers South Rooms: X01, X05, X09, X13, X17, X20, X24, X28, X32

Towers Room Layout 4 (X=Floor Level)
Towers North Rooms: X54, X58, X62, X66, X73, X77, X81, X85
Towers South Rooms: X03, X07, X11, X15, X22, X26, X30

  Depth Width Height
Desk 32" 24 1/4" 30 1/4"
Wardrobe 42" 24" 76"
Mattress 38" 80" (Twin XL)
Bed 85 1/8" 37 3/4" 60"

Towers Bed

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Towers Desks

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Detachable Cabinet
Towers Detachable Cabinet

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Towers Wardrobe


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