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Murray Hall

Murray Hall

This coed dorm has so much to offer that it might just be at the top of your list. It’s big, yet small size gives you the opportunity to meet lots of other Blugolds, but it doesn’t feel overcrowded. And once you make those new friends, there’s plenty of community space like a kitchen, lounge and game room to hang out in. Oh, one other thing, some say Murray Hall is located in the perfect spot on upper campus, right between the food and fun.

Facts and details

  • Capacity: 310 - male and female hall separated by floor
  • Upper Campus
  • Available for incoming and transfer students with some returning student availability
  • Standard room, two residents each
  • Includes mobile print station, fitness area, game room, piano, multiple lounges, kitchen
  • Room sizes are approximately 15' 8" x 10' 8"
  • Mailing address:
    Student's name
    Room number and building name
    642 University Drive
    Eau Claire, WI 54701
  • Hall Director
    Phone: 715-836-2760

Healthy Living Learning Community

Surround yourself with Blugolds who want to focus on leading a healthy lifestyle with the Healthy Living Learning Community. This community allows you to learn in and out of the classroom about wellness topics such as stress management, healthy eating habits, exercise options and the spirit-mind-body connection.

If this is something you want to be a part of, make sure to select it on your housing form as space is limited. A few other things, there are no prerequisites to live in this community, but you will need to enroll in a couple of classes as a member.

Building Information

Murray Hall Floor Plan

*All floors have the same layout. Example 205 represents location of 305, etc.

Murray Room Layout

**Provided room dimensions is for a typical room layout in the designated building. Room sizes may vary.


  Depth Width  Height
 Desk  24.5"  42"  30"
 Dresser  24"  29.5"  30"
 Closet  26"  45.5"  75"
 Mattress  38"  80" (Twin XL)

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