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In our residence halls, we strive to create fun and engaging programs to get students out and experiencing new activities. Student organizations coordinate these events on a regular basis. Join in on craft nights, food gatherings, or choose to participate in hall councils and governments. Below is just a small portion of what you can experience at UWEC.

Organizations and Programs

Judicial Board (J-Board)

The Residence Hall Coeducational Judicial Board (or J-Board) has jurisdiction on matters pertaining to violations of existing rules and regulations within or around the residence halls.  The J-Board functions not as a court of law, but rather as a body to review alleged violations of University and/or residence hall rules and regulations.

The J-Board consists of six members, and when possible a balance of men and women, selected randomly from a Judicial Council of thirteen students. All eleven residence halls have representatives on the Judicial Council. The members of the Council are elected by their fellow students and are not staff members of the University. J-Board makes recommendations and assesses sanctions that will most effectively benefit the students as well as protect the rights of all on-campus students.


National Residence Hall Honorary

The National Residence Hall Honorary, or NRHH, is an on-campus honorary based on the four pillars of Leadership, Scholarship, Service, and Recognition.  NRHH seeks to recognize and honor students who have shown outstanding dedication to each of these four pillars on our campus within the residence halls. NRHH is an active organization that provides leadership opportunities, programs, projects, and activities to all on-campus residents including leadership retreats, recognition weeks, and the distribution of Final Kits.

Students who display exemplary leadership ability in their halls are encouraged to apply for NRHH. New members are selected each semester from applications received and reviewed by a selection committee.

Residence Hall Association

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is the student government organization representing all students living in the residence halls at UW-Eau Claire. RHA's mission is outlined below.

  • To represent all students living in the Residence Halls at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire.
  • To be the one central organization bringing all Hall Councils and other organizations within Housing and Residence Life together to create a campus wide community.
  • To engage student involvement in the creation of activities and programs, the review of policies and procedures, and the promotion of multicultural experiences.
  • To serve as a liaison between the residence halls at UW-Eau Claire and the state, regional, and national student organizations
  • To provide an outlet for all students in the residence halls to gain leadership experience through representative positions, committee membership, meeting attendance, and program participation.
  • To provide a place for all students on campus to come together, meet new people, get involved, and have fun.



Swell, a Housing & Residence Life committee, focuses on reduction of high-risk drinking, unsafe sexual activities, drug use, and education about mental health concerns.

We seek to increase pro-social behavior related to bystander intervention, help seeking behaviors, and increase awareness of challenges that UWEC student.

More information on Swell


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