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A community for biology majors

The Science of Life LLC is an inclusive community for biology majors. You will have the opportunity to bond over any interest in biology, whether it’s how traits are passed from parent to offspring, how muscles contract, evolutionary relationships between species of organisms, or the implications of climate change on food production and human health.  

Programs and events

Science of Life LLC students will participate in department events, and you will get the opportunity to know your professors on a one-on-one basis. You can also choose from several research opportunities with faculty and take part in field trips and other social activities.


The Science of Life LLC is located in Towers North. The community will meet regularly and engage in both social and career exploration programming inside the hall.


Participants in the LLC will take BIOPRIME, a two-credit gateway course that will introduce you to the importance of scientific literacy, communication and analysis. Knowledge and skills learned in this course will increase your preparedness for BIOL 221.

Participants will also take IDIS 187 to provide you with skills to navigate college life successfully.

Who can participate?

Participants of the Science of Life LLC are first-year students who are biology majors including, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Ecology and Environmental Biology, and Microbiology. You and your peers will begin your respective programs together, learning and supporting each other as a cohort.

How do I join the Science of Life LLC?

Apply to join a Living Learning Community through your Housing Portal. On the LLC page, indicate which of the communities you prefer.

Pro tip! If you are in a roommate group, make sure your roommate(s) indicate the same LLC preferences on their housing application. Otherwise, you will not be placed in the LLC.


The Science of Life LLC is supported by RAs, along with Dr. Winnifred Bryant, a professor and Chair of the Biology Department.

Invested mentors from the biology department will also connect with LLC participants regularly to provide information, insight and counsel that will help you be successful.

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