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A community for students of color

Multicultural Student Services LLC provides a supportive cultural environment for students of color to live and learn together as a community while taking classes together, participating in programming, and developing a sense of community among the LLC students. 

As a member of the LLC, you will engage with the Multicultural Student Services office staff and student service coordinators, and develop relationships with upperclassman mentors who are located on the first floor of Centennial Hall.

Multicultural Student Services LLC

Programs + events

As a community, you will have the opportunity to participate in early move-in jumpstart, monthly gatherings including guest speakers, workshops and all campus and local community programming. You will notice frequent announcements of opportunities in the building to interact with the staff and students in your hall. 

Living and Learning

Multicultural Student Services LLC is housed in Governors Hall.

Students in the community are required to enroll in GEN 100, Foundations for Academic Success and RELS 100, Introduction to the Religions of the World for Fall Semester.

Cohort learning connects you to the support of peers and faculty. If you need help with an assignment or want to discuss your evolving career goals, you can easily connect with your cohort. You can also turn to your cohort for encouragement when you need it.

Multicultural Student Services LLC students posing for photo at group outdoor activity


The Multicultural Student Services Living Learning Community is supported by its director, Caitlin Lee; an associate student services coordinator, Vaj Fue Lee; and RAs and student interns.

Who can participate?

Participants of the Multicultural Student Services LLC are first-year students who identify as students of color.

How do I join the Multicultural Student Services LLC?

Apply to join a Living Learning Community through your Housing Portal. On the LLC page, indicate which of the communities you prefer.

Multicultural Student Services LLC members must sign a contract stating they will contribute to a positive and inclusive environment, fully participate in the community and fulfill the following requirements. Click here to learn more about the Multicultural Student Services (MSS) Office.

  • Attend early move-in Jumpstart event
  • Enroll in General Arts & Sciences 100: Foundations to Academic Success
  • Enroll in RELS 100: Introduction to the Religions of the World
  • Meet with a Department Cohort Coordinator twice a semester
  • Meet with an intern mentor monthly
  • Attend monthly LLC Cohort events
  • Attend mandatory study club sessions once a week

Pro tip! If you are in a roommate group, make sure your roommate(s) indicate the same LLC preferences on their housing application. Otherwise, you will not be placed in the LLC.