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A living community for students interested in Hmong culture

For students who share a common interest of the Hmong culture to live in a safe space that will allow them to grow and learn while building a community around them.

There are monthly activities that help students to utilize their resources on campus, and build solidarity between their peers. We hold events that are critical and beneficial to the residents.

Programs + events

  • Monthly General Meetings: share informational slides of critical thinking, academic information, important due dates and teaching the Hmong language
  • HLLC History Night: learning about the history of HLLC
  • Jumpstart: students come to the residence hall early and get acclimated to the Hmong Living Learning Community
  • Retreat

Living and Learning

HLLC is a living learning community located in Governors Hall on the east wing of the 3rd and 4th floors.

Community members enroll in Hmong 101, Hmong 102 and Hmong 130, and complete the Critical Hmong Studies Certificate.


For additional support or information about the Hmong Living Learning Community (HLLC), contact LLC coordinator, Sia Yang.

Who can participate?

Anyone who is interested in learning the Hmong culture and living with students with members of the same interest; Students of color, primarily Hmong and Southeast Asian residents.

How do I join the Hmong LLC?

Apply to join a Living Learning Community through your Housing Portal. On the LLC page, indicate which of the communities you prefer.

Pro tip! If you are in a roommate group, make sure your roommate(s) indicate the same LLC preferences on their housing application. Otherwise, you may not be placed in the LLC.