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Most commonly asked questions

The Living Learning Community (LLC) Program at UW-Eau Claire is an initiative to cultivate a supportive environment that enhances the academic experience, encourages personal growth, and fosters social responsibility among Blugolds as they pursue their dreams. LLCs unite students with similar interests or identities to live together on a floor, take an academic course together, and experience extracurricular engagement activities together.

Each LLC has a theme and students who opt into these communities live and learn with like-minded peers. An additional student engagement component offers personal growth opportunities, local immersion trips and a joint service-learning experience.

All students, regardless of major, identity or background are welcome to apply for a themed Living Learning Community.

Frequently asked questions

What LLC themes are available?

There are many living learning communities to choose from. The featured LLCs for Fall 2023 include:

Other communities include:

  • Live Well Blugolds
  • Outdoor Adventure
How do I join an LLC?

Apply to join a Living Learning Community through your housing application portal. On the LLC page, indicate which of the communities you prefer.

Pro tip! If you are in a roommate group, make sure your roommate(s) indicate the same LLC preferences on their housing application.  Otherwise, you may not be placed in the LLC.

Faculty Mentors:

Each LLC will have a designated faculty mentor to engage with students outside of class time. Faculty mentors strengthen the academic component of our LLCs. They also attend engagement activities such as local immersion experiences and LLC dinners.

LLC Service Learning:

Students are the heartbeat of the Living Learning Community Program. Within each community, students have the opportunity to craft a service-learning project to work on together. Students in these LLCs will have the opportunity to complete at least half of the required service learning hours by the end of their first year.

Is an LLC a student club or organization?

An LLC is a residence life initiative, not a student organization. It is connected with a student’s housing assignment and unites students with similar interests or identities to live together on a floor. LLC activities are guided by student leaders in collaboration with RAs, faculty and staff sponsors who help shape the experience and contribute to its programs and events.

Where are the LLCs located?
  • Aspiring Educators – Bridgman (3rd floor)
  • Multicultural Student Services – Sutherland Hall (2C and 2N)
  • Honors – Bridgman (2nd floor)
  • Hmong – Governors Hall (3rd and 4th floor east)
  • Rainbow Floors – Marilyn Karlgaard Tower (7th and 8th floors) and Oak Ridge (1 North)
  • Leadership – Oak Ridge Hall
  • Live Well Blugolds – Murray Hall
  • Outdoor Adventure – Horan Hall
Can I choose my roommate group and live in an LLC?

Yes, BUT be sure that all people in your roommate group list their LLC preferences in the same order on your housing application. This will ensure that the assignment process goes smoothly.

How can I find roommates who are also interested in an LLC?

Finding a roommate beforehand is not necessary, and the majority of LLC students are grouped with roommates they did not know beforehand. If you have a friend group you want to live with, make sure they each select the same LLC in the housing portal.

How is living in an LLC different from living in a non-LLC community?

LLC floors have many extra benefits including early move-in, team building, personal growth activities throughout the year and a network of student leaders, faculty and staff that support you and enhance your connection to the University.  Students in the LLC residence hall are enrolled in at least one course together their first semester and work on a team service-learning project in the second semester.

Are there extra activities for people in LLCs?

Yes, there are guided student engagement events for each LLC. Examples include early move-in, floor meetings, local immersion trips and group meals. Your experience will largely be shaped by how you decide to engage.

Can I participate in an LLC even if I do not live on the LLC floor?

If you don’t live in an LLC, but want to get involved, please email the faculty or staff sponsor listed on the LLC page.

If I no longer want to live in an LLC, how do I move out?

Wanting to move out of an LLC is no different from any other housing floor. If you decide before you move in, submit a request through your housing portal. If you decide after move-in, contact your building's Hall Director.