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Find your passion alongside other Blugolds

A community for students wanting to look at different majors and careers through personal and academic exploration.

Programs and Events

The Exploring Blugolds LLC is tailored to students who have not declared a major. Students in the LLC will have the opportunity to dive deeper into their interests and goals, and through exclusive academic courses and residence hall programs, they’ll explore various majors and career paths.


The Exploring Blugolds LLC is located in Towers North.  The community will meet regularly and engage in major and career exploration programming inside the hall.


Students in the Exploring Blugolds LLC will take IDIS 101: Academic Exploration. This 3-credit class is designed to assist students in their journey of determining a major area of study by connecting interests, talents and passions with academic offerings at UW-Eau Claire. 

Who can participate?

Participants are first-year students who have not yet picked a major and are interested in learning more about different majors and career opportunities as a part of a larger community.

Students in the LLC are required to enroll in IDIS 101 during their first semester and actively participate in LLC events offered throughout the year.

How do I join the Exploring Blugolds LLC?

Apply to join a Living Learning Community through your Housing Portal. On the LLC page, indicate which of the communities you prefer.


The Exploring Blugolds LLC is supported by two RAs, along with Dr. Aleks Sternfeld-Dunn, Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences and John Reichert, Director of Academic Advising.

Pro tip! If you are in a roommate group, make sure your roommate(s) indicate the same LLC preferences on their housing application. Otherwise, you will not be placed in the LLC.

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