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Weigh your options

Moving to off-campus housing is not a decision to be taken lightly. We urge students to think through these important considerations before signing a lease. Be sure to consider university housing options. We have near campus apartments and suite-style options to choose from after your first year as a Blugold.

Apartment-style options with amenities

UW-Eau Claire apartments or suite-style options can give you some of what you are looking for without the added inconvenience of working with off-campus landlords. 

UWEC apartments provides you with a fully furnished apartment (including a full kitchen, dishwasher, washer/dryer unit) and building security, cable TV, internet and all utilities. You can experience  apartment living while still getting the Blugold community and support of university-operated housing.

These living spaces even include an entire department dedicated to the maintenance and upkeep of your building.

Exterior shot of Chancellors Hall

Chancellors Hall

Located on scenic ridge overlooking Putnam Park and the Chippewa River on upper campus, Chancellors Hall is an apartment-style residence facility for second-year students and above.

Learn about Chancellors Hall
Aspenson Mogensen

Aspenson Mogensen Hall

Located just across the street from parts of lower campus, this new apartment style residence hall houses 200 students in apartment units.

Learn about Aspenson Mogensen
Downtown Eau Claire

Haymarket Landing

Haymarket Landing offers university-sponsored housing in an off-campus location. Experience apartment-style living within walking distance of campus. What's not to like about having an ice cream shop in your building?

Learn about Haymarket Landing
Priory Hall

Priory Hall

Priory Hall is for those seeking single room but still want the community feel university housing provides. The priory is situated on 112 wooded acres and provides residence with a scenic view.

Learn about Priory Hall
The Suites

The Suites

The Suites is UWEC's newest residence hall offering hall style living with a bit more privacy. This hall offers amenities such as music practice rooms, fireplace, game room and study nooks on each floor.

Learn about this new hall

Pros of living in non-UWEC housing

  • Can be less expensive in terms of monthly rent. 
  • More space, perhaps private bedroom plus shared spaces. 
  • More privacy.
  • Fewer rules, regulations and oversight.
  • Preparation for life after college  – independence, paying bills, cleaning and maintenance.

Cons of living in non-UWEC housing

  • Hidden/unplanned costs: security deposit, first and last month's rent, utilities, furniture, appliances, internet, yard work/snow removal, parking.
  • Less likely to stay involved on campus when living at a distance
  • Having roommates and sharing responsibilities can bring conflicts. 
  • Not all landlords are equally helpful, reliable or trustworthy. 
  • Commuting to campus by car requires time and costs money if you elect to buy a parking permit. 
  • Full one-year lease required (vs. your choice of 9- or 12-month options). 
  • Potential hassle of finding a sub-leaser if plans change.
  • All roommates on a lease are equally responsible. In other words, if your roommate doesn't pay rent, you're responsible for it; if your roommate damages property, you're also responsible for it.
Off-campus housing on Chippewas Street

Off-Campus Housing

Find a complete list of housing options along with landlord ratings to help you with your off-campus housing search.

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