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Understand withdrawing from a class from your schedule after the drop deadline has passed and what it will do to your academic record.

Step 1

For full-semester classes, during the third week of classes through the tenth week of classes, you will need to complete a Change of Registration eForm to withdraw from a course. You will need to get approval from your advisor and instructor in order to do so. Withdrawing from a class during this period will result in a “W” record on your transcript.

Step 2

At the start of the eleventh week of class, withdrawing from a course is no longer allowed except in extenuating circumstances. Consult with your advisor regarding questions.

Note: Make sure you complete all steps to withdraw from a course. A student who stops attending a class without withdrawing officially may receive a grade of F for the course and may owe a repayment on financial aid received.
If you are looking to withdraw from all of your courses at UWEC, you must withdraw from the university. 

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