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Appeal for Credit Overload

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If you are resident of Wisconsin as well as an undergraduate student, and you anticipate taking more than 165 credits or 30 additional credits than your program requires (whichever will be greater), there may be an excess credit surcharge applied to your bill the following semester. Exceptions may be made through an appeals process and waivers will be granted in cases of extenuating circumstances.

This applies only to credits earned in the UW and WTC Systems. Credits transferred from other institutions, as well as other types of credit (such as advanced placement, retroactive credits, credits by exam, remedial credits, etc.) are not included.

This policy does not affect the following students:

  • Undergraduate "Special" Students
  • Graduate Students
  • Post-Baccalaureate Students
  • Students pursuing post-baccalaureate certification or licensure
  • Residents of other states
  • Minnesota reciprocity students

Read the policy

Step 1

Once you have earned a minimum of 130 credits you can appeal for an exception to this policy by completing the eForm. The appeal needs to demonstrate that the additional coursework is required for degree completion. Any coursework that is not part of degree completion will not be approved for the waiver of the surcharge.

Step 2

The form will be submitted to your academic advisor for approval. Review the eForm with your advisor and request their approval.
Note: You will receive a warning about the excess credit surcharge after 130 credits from the Registrar.

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