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Credits Above the Semester Maximum

Registration for credits (including audits) above the maximum credit threshold for the semester may be permitted by the Associate Dean of the College in which the student is enrolled if the student has a resident GPA of at least 3.00 and if other conditions make the overload advisable. There may be extra tuition/fees for any additional credits, if applicable.

For most undergraduate students, the limit per term is 18 credits. Courses that were attempted and resulted in a grade of W are counted towards this limit and contribute towards the maximum credit count. Credits attempted in excess of the limit require an overload exception.

Start a Credit Overload Request

Students attempting to enroll above the maximum will receive this error message in CampS: "Unable to add this class - term maximum exceeded. Adding this class would exceed the maximum number of units or courses allowed for this term."

Contact Blugold Central at 715-836-3000 to find out what your term maximums are.

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