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Register for Classes as a Non Degree Seeking Student

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Special students are enrolled as non-degree-seeking students without being formally admitted. Reasons for enrolling may include taking classes for the purpose of transferring credits to another college or university, making up deficiencies for admission to graduate school, or for personal or professional enrichment.

You may have to reapply as a special student if there has been a gap in your enrollment. Find out what the reapply periods are. 

Note: If you are a high school special student, you will need to work with Admissions to register for classes. You can find more information on our Admissions site.

Step 1

Apply as a Special Student planning to attend UW-Eau Claire through the UW System application process. 
Note: You will receive your username and campus ID needed to access your CampS account via email after the special student application is completed. Students applying one week prior to the start of a class may contact Blugold Central for this information to expedite the registration process.

Step 2

Log in to CampS to find your registration date and time. Within the Student Center, you will find a section labeled Enrollment Dates. [Action: 9]

Step 3

Electronically sign your PPA by logging on to CampS and navigating to Sign PPA under the Self Service menu. 

Step 4

Check to make sure there are no other “holds” on your account, restricting you from registering. 

Step 5

Follow the steps in CampS to enroll in courses on or after your registration date and time. Special students register last for courses after degree-seeking students. See the Priority Registration Calendar for specific registration dates.
Note: If you are taking a course which requires permissions or you have any other questions regarding the class(es) you are registering for, contact an academic advisor within our Advising, Retention, and Career Center office. [Action:36]

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