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Finding your place at UW-Eau Claire

Undecided students are welcomed and supported at UW-Eau Claire. In fact, most Blugolds are undecided at some point in their college career. Here, more than 200 academic programs of study are available to you, and you can take your time deciding what interests you most.

Until you decide on a major, you will work with an undeclared advisor in the Advising, Retention, and Career Center. This advisor understands the requirements needed for all majors on campus, and they will support you as you learn more about yourself, UW-Eau Claire and potential careers.

No matter what you're interested in, there is a path for you at UWEC — and we'll help you find it.

Where undecided means unlimited

UW-Eau Claire is a place where you'll feel supported to discover your passions — and eventually make those into a career you will love.

During your time as a Blugold, take courses that spark your curiosity, get involved in student organizations and participate in research to find your path. Along the way, you will uncover your interests, build relationships and find clarity on who you are and where you want to go after graduation.

Why UW-Eau Claire?

Undergraduate research and creativity. No matter your major, UWEC has unparalleled research opportunities for undergraduate students. Blugolds are curious about the world around them, and many complete research projects with fellow students and professors. Some even become co-authors in the process.

Mayo Clinic Health System collaboration. If you are at all interested in the health sciences, UWEC faculty and students work side-by-side with researchers and medical professionals at Mayo Clinic Health System. As early as your first year on campus, you can get involved to help make strides in improving patient care.

Study abroad opportunities. With a variety of study abroad programs in more than 30 countries, the world is your oyster. You'll be supported in making your plan to ensure you have access to the classes you'll need to graduate while abroad and to stay on track with your graduation timeline.

Personalized resources and support. You'll be supported through your entire academic journey as a Blugold. From career counselors and academic advisors in the ARCC to friendly faculty who get to know you by name, a strong support system is waiting for you at UWEC.

Majors and Career Services Fair. This event is held four times per academic year: twice in the fall semester and twice in the spring semester. This is a perfect time for undeclared students to meet with representatives from various departments on campus.

UWEC is a top master’s-level university for

undergraduate research

According to the National Council on Undergraduate Research


Student-to-faculty ratio

Recognized as a

National Leader

in Study Abroad

by the 2021 Open Doors Report of the Institute of International Education

Quick facts about UWEC

  • Known as "Wisconsin's Most Beautiful Campus"
  • 220 student organizations to explore
  • Fall 2021 undergraduate enrollment of 9,377
  • Recognized as the best college in Wisconsin for LGBTQ+ students (
  • A top-ranked comprehensive university in WI, MN and IA (Forbes America’s Top Colleges for 2021)

What can I do after UWEC?

You will find your place here. While you discover what your passions are and where your career interests lie, you will build connections and relationships with your fellow Blugolds that will last a lifetime. And, if you work with an advisor each semester from the time you arrive at UW-Eau Claire through graduation, you will be able to finish most majors within four years.

An education from UWEC sets you up for success within a variety of fascinating careers. From health care to business to social media, Blugolds can be found in nearly any field of work you can think of. Once you find your path, the opportunities are yours for the taking.

Where are Blugold alumni now?

Cliff Hayes

I came to college undecided, and as a first-generation college student, I had no idea what college was like or how to navigate it. Now, I present research and I’m looking at going to law school.

Cliff Hayes Criminal Justice
Senior Katherine Langfield collects research samples in Little Niagara Creek on lower campus. Langfield, who will graduate in May with a degree in geology, says research has been a big part of her undergraduate education at UW-Eau Claire.

Rediscovered passions through research

As a first-year Blugold, Katherine Langfield was undecided on her major. She always had an interest in geology, so she decided to take a course during her first year to see if that could be a fit for her — and it was.

Learn how Katherine decided on her major and conducted research in the process.


Most students take about 30 credits (15 credits per semester) in their first year. Courses include those that meet the university graduation and liberal education requirements and help you explore majors.

What classes do undecided students take?

Learn more in the undergraduate UWEC course catalog.

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