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Study Abroad + NSE in nursing

Study nursing abroad

Study abroad opportunities are available to College of Nursing and Health Sciences students through summer and winterim programs to Costa Rica, Mexico, South Africa, and Nicaragua, as well as several other destinations. A senior semester is available in Harlaxton, England. In addition, nursing students may apply for any of the traditional study abroad programs, though this may extend the student's program by an additional semester.

Mexico, Spanish for Health Professions

Spend a summer in Puebla, Mexico and learn about health care and the Spanish language! Cross-cultural experience is a must for nursing students. Learn how health care is delivered during 90-hours of observations in hospitals and clinics in Puebla.

Find your study abroad opportunity

Expand your academic landscape

Experience a different academic environment while maintaining progress toward your academic goals. You can pay UW-Eau Claire tuition and study at one of 200 United States and Canada universities through the National Student Exchange Program (NSE).

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“NSE has opened my eyes to many different things. Many people don't realize the different cultures and environment available throughout the United States. While the education I received in Alaska was excellent and the classes were small and extremely hands-on, the greatest aspect of my exchange was the people that I met and became friends with while on exchange.”

Jackie Ebert, UWE-Eau Claire student studying at University of Alaska SE – Juneau
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