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Clinical Learning Center

What is the Clinical Learning Center?

The Eau Claire site has four simulated hospital rooms equipped with audiovisual controls, a nursing station/debriefing center, and twenty hospital bed spaces. In addition, there are eight clinic rooms with audiovisual controls.

The Marshfield site, located on the UW-Stevens Point at Marshfield campus, has its own Clinical Learning Center, containing a Simulation Center and a Skills Lab. Both sites have the capability to stream sessions between the Eau Claire and Marshfield sites and to community partners. 

They can do what?

The simulators and mannequins we have at our two sites range from talking and producing fluid to no sounds or responses. We even have a full body birthing simulator. See the list below of the simulators and mannequins available to our students. 

  • two Laerdal SimMan 3Gs 
  • two Laerdal SimMan Essentials
  • twelve Laerdal VitalSims 
  • one Laerdal VitalKid 
  • one Laerdal SimBaby 
  • two Gaumard Noelle birthing simulators 
  • eight lower fidelity geriatric and multicultural full body simulators 
  • seven low fidelity babies

Community access to the Center

Instructional design plays an extremely important role in incorporating simulation into the curriculum. The selection of the type of simulation, how simulation might be used, and a strategy for sequencing knowledge and skills to meet specific learning objectives is critical to the successful use of simulation. Design services for curriculum and research are available through the faculty of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences. 

The Clinical Learning Center is available to groups interested in implementing health-related simulation training. Please contact Dr. Meg Lagunas (715-836-5712) or Dr. Gunnar Larson (715-836-3166).


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