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Nursing Cultural Immersion

Immerse yourself

Nurses provide care for people from a variety of cultures. UW-Eau Claire offers opportunities to learn about nursing care and other cultures through hands-on clinical experiences. Students learn how culture and lifestyle impact health care practices.

They learn the importance of communication between health care providers and people of different cultures. It helps to broaden the students' perspective of caring. Cultural nursing clinical immersion experiences help students understand their own culture better and appreciate the differences of a patient's culture. Students learn to be flexible and develop confidence, independence and a more global perspective to problem solving.

UW-Eau Claire senior nursing major Elora Blomberg, Ogema, checks the blood pressure of a worker at a western Wisconsin farm.

Providing a healthy alternative

An innovative program gets UW-Eau Claire nursing students out in the field and on the farm, bringing health screenings and safety information to immigrant and rural farm workers.

Learn more about immersion locally

Cultural Immersion Experiences in Nursing

Nursing has the unique perspective of caring for people in every culture around the world. We offer opportunities to learn about nursing care and cultures through hands-on clinical experiences. You will learn how culture and lifestyle impacts health care practices, the importance of communication between and among people of all cultures, and expand your perspective of caring. 

No matter where you are in the world, nurses are needed. Across the street or on another continent, as a nurse, you will encounter people with health needs. Cultural immersion nursing experiences will help you to assist people with those needs and understand your own culture better. You will be able to demonstrate that you are flexible and develop confidence and independence. You will gain a more global perspective to problem solving. This experience will expand the opportunities for the type of nursing that you want to pursue. 

Please see the Center for International Education for information about summer opportunities in Mexico and other countries.

Ever considered living in an English Manor House? Harlaxton is a 100-room Victorian manor house in the English midlands. You will take a 6-credit British studies class from British professors along with nursing courses taught by U.S. faculty from participating universities.

"Long before the white man came, there lived on the North American continent a people who called themselves the Dakotas". M.O. Skarsten. Rosebud Reservation, home of the Lakota Sioux Nation, is the setting for this program which promotes healthcare for children and families within the context of the community. Students provide care at the Rosebud Comprehensive Health Care Facility and in the community with the Public Health Nursing Department.

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