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Making you a collaborative leader

The most effective leaders don’t isolate themselves and make decisions in a vacuum — they choose to lead in collaboration with others. We want that for you! Our goal in the Teacher Education Program is to help you grow into that type of leader.

Collaborative leadership is our hallmark. It means two or more people in a group, committed to one vision by giving time, effort and resources to bring that vision to life. In education, those groups contain teachers, students, families, caregivers and community members. The shared vision is that students gain knowledge, skills, respect and understanding to create a more equitable society.

Our mission

The Teacher Education Program at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire are committed to the preparation and support of professional educators of the highest quality.

Our vision

UWEC’s Teacher Education Program will be nationally recognized as a premier institution for developing beginning teachers to become collaborative leaders on their journey to becoming master teachers.

Educations students playing with slime in sensory learning class

Teacher ed program faculty + staff

Meet your future family members—the faculty and staff who will help you reach that teaching dream.

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Required information

Per Act 166, each Wisconsin Educator Preparation Program is required to publicly post their individual report information to their website. We also need to report our Praxis II pass rate. Here are links to both. Enjoy!

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