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Jump-start Your Career

An internship gives you hands-on experience in your chosen profession. You will learn more about your major, make important connections and gain self-confidence. And an added bonus — you may come away with a job offer, as many companies use internships to prescreen prospective employees.

Internships come in many different formats. Your experience may be paid (with salary and benefits determined by your employer) or unpaid (if working for a non-profit). You may work part time while taking classes or full time during the summer or academic year. You may receive university credits for your internship or elect to have it recorded on your university transcript as a non-credit learning experience. Internships taken for credit can be used to satisfy course requirements in your major.

Students are not required to complete an internship however are strongly encouraged to complete at least one internship during their college career.

Program Eligibility 

Students who wish to complete an internship in the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management must:

  • Have at least junior standing.
  • Be a declared major in the department.
  • Have completed the core course(s) of their declared major.
  • Have an overall GPA of at least 2.6. 

Marketing and Supply Chain Management Intern Projects

Check out some of what our students did while on an internship! 


  • Constructed, administered, and analyzed satisfaction and opinion surveys
  • Developed sales presentations and proposals
  • Created brochures and other marketing materials
  • Made sales calls to clients
  • Created web sites and developed social media campaigns
  • Planned and implemented special events.
  • Utilized statistical techniques, data visualization tools, and dashboards to help explore patterns.
  • Summarized findings, created visual representations, and crafted meaningful stories that convey data analysis results.

Operations/Supply Chain Management

  • Assisted in the development of inventory control standards
  • Coordinated the timely delivery of finished products to the shipping lines
  • Documented changes in software, systems, or procedures
  • Adjusted staffing in response to fluctuating throughout requirements.

How to Enroll in a Marketing and Supply Chain Management Internship

The internship form takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.  Handshake does not have a “save” feature.  You must complete the required questions on the form before submitting the experience.  If you have any questions about submitting an internship experience on Handshake, please contact Alyssa Slaby,

  1. Go to Handshake and log in with your UW-Eau Claire credentials.
  2. Under “Career Center” at the top right of the screen, click “Experiences”.
  3. Click “Request an Experience” on the top right of the secondary blue menu bar.
  4. Under “Experience Type”, choose “College of Business-Marketing and Supply Chain Management Internship”.
  5. Select the term in which you are completing the internship.
  6. Fill out the information in the reporting form and complete the departmental questions (some may be duplicative).
  7. When finished, click “Request Experience” at the bottom of the page. 
  8. Attach a copy of the internship description, offer letter, and internship company agreement form to the Handshake Experience.  To do this, click on “Experiences” in Handshake, and “View Details” for your internship. Select “New Attachment” on the top left of the page and upload the documents.
  9. Once complete, the experience will be routed to Career Services and the Marketing and Supply Chain Management Department. You will be notified from Handshake and given permission to register for the course if completing the internship for credit.

Documents to be Attached to the eForm:

How to Check the Status of an Internship Application

  1. Go to Handshake and login with your UW-Eau Claire credentials.
  2. Under “Career Center” at the top right of the screen, click “Experiences”.
  3. Click “View Details” on your internship.
  4. Scroll down to the approval section to view the status.

College of Business Internship Program Information

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