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Sociology Major Outcomes:

Students who complete the Sociology major will be able to:

  1. Apply the sociological perspective to the social world;
  2. Construct theoretically grounded sociological arguments;
  3. Evaluate empirically based arguments about individuals and society;
  4. Relate your sociological knowledge to social change and globalization;
  5. Explain how social structures and institutions create and sustain systems of oppression and privilege; and
  6. Synthesize your sociological interests and skills with your professional goals and career aspirations.

Sociology department mission statement

Our students learn to analyze social interactions and institutions; and to engage with questions of social justice within and beyond the Eau Claire community. Their training in sociological theory and research methods enables them to assess social problems; and to formulate equitable and inclusive policies in communities marked by systems of privilege and power.


We are a community of scholars who embrace the University mission through high quality teaching, scholarship, and service activities. We support the Wisconsin idea through applying our sociological knowledge to the citizens of Wisconsin. Our scholarship analyzes local, state, national, and global social change.

Dr. Pam Forman teaching sociology class

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Our faculty and staff are the best! You are in great hands with this group of accomplished faculty to work with. Our entire team cares about each and every one of our students and strive to help you succeed.

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Longitudinal Study

All sociology majors participate in student-faculty collaborative research. In addition, every student carries out an original survey research project from beginning to end via the Eau Claire Longitudinal Student Survey.

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