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Experience collaboration and a wide range of perspectives

A core element of the public health and environmental studies DNA is in creating innovative learning experiences for our students. These include community-engaged and project-based learning, course-embedded research, internships, domestic intercultural and global immersions, field-trips, team-taught interdisciplinary courses, and a wide range of interdisciplinary faculty/student collaborative research opportunities.

For example, our students are partnering with community members to reduce pollution, independently testing water and soil, steward pollinator habitat, engage in community sustainability planning, working with and traveling the world to help others, to name a few current efforts.

An atmosphere of learning experiences

The environmental public health program is a great way to experience the close connections between human health and our environment: food, water, air, disease, and job safety. Our program has a strong foundation in experiential learning, where students do experiments in the classroom and lab, get outside to do field research, and travel into immersion experiences and internships near and far. If you enjoy getting out of the classroom and into the real world to protect human health and the environment, ENPH is for you!

Air monitor station set up.
Students working with air samplers

Capitalizing on community partnerships

PHES has a strong history of providing relevant, current experiential learning for all of our students. You not only build a close relationship with our faculty, but also with various members of our community partnerships.

Positive partnerships
Student wearing respiratory mask

Endless internship opportunities

One of the best experiences you can get as an undergraduate is to participate in internship programs. Internships allow for students to gain real world experience that cannot be taught in a classroom. Start to explore your interests through internships!

Find my internship
Students during Guatemala immersion trip

A new climate through cultural immersion

Cultural immersion programs are a great way for you to experience how other cultures and areas have addressed environmental and public health issues. We encourage all of our students to find a program that interests them to improve their world view.

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