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Organization is key

It’s no secret that a priority at UW-Eau Claire is ensuring that all students have the ability to participate in high impact practices, such as study abroad and National Student Exchange. We have the numbers to prove it. It’s also no secret that some academic plans are a bit more tightly packed than others, and fitting in this type of academic experience can be a challenge. But have no fear—with careful planning, students majoring in physics have the same opportunities for study abroad or NSE, and the experience can be life-changing!

The main thing to know now is to visit the Center for International Education very early in your Blugold career, first semester, and the options can be laid out for you. Even if you are yet undecided on a major, we encourage all freshmen to look into these opportunities from the start, and have a good idea about the best options for you.

Attend another U.S. campus

If international travel is not your interest, you don’t have to cross the ocean to have enriching cultural and academic opportunities. UW-Eau Claire is among 200 universities that participate in the National Student Exchange Program (NSE). This unique exchange program allows Blugolds to study for a semester at another university while still paying UWEC tuition. Locations are available in 49 states, pretty much a guarantee that there will be a match for your interests and academic needs. 

Look into NSE 

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