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Physics + Astronomy Scholarships

Hard work pays

We know that college is a significant investment, and there are several avenues for financial backing available to Blugolds, some for physics students specifically. Each year, the physics department scholarship committee awards candidates close to $15,000 in funding.

Find scholarship information and helpful links here: Scholarships at UW-Eau Claire

One major scholarship available for qualifying physics students is the Karlgaard Physics Scholarship donated by the Dave and Mary Karlgaard Family Foundation. Through the generosity of alumni donors like the Karlgaards, pictured above with the 2015 recipients, our students can earn the kind of financial support that will make all the difference is their academic careers. Learn more about this fund in the Karlgaard video.

Physics banquet

Yearly department scholarships awarded to physics students

Each year the Department of Physics and Astronomy awards close to $15,000 in department scholarships. Read more about these funds, and the most recent recipients.

Awards in physics

More in store

In addition to department awarded funds, Blugolds who major in physics are eligible to apply for a whole host of Foundation based scholarships across many disciplines. Many of these are open to students in science and math fields, and are generally awarded through a donor based selection process. Be sure to look into the criteria, because each year some scholarships do not receive any applications.  

Find scholarship information and helpful links here: Scholarships at UW-Eau Claire

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