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The Department of Physics & Astronomy at UW-Eau Claire was one of eight departments selected nationally by the American Institute of Physics as a case study for the best practices of physics higher education, with a record of success in preparing students for careers in STEM. What the AIP case study concluded was that the student-centered atmosphere, dedicated faculty, research opportunities and mentoring, and excellent advising are the things that set this program apart.

The academics are the core mission of the department, but recognizing the whole student experience on and off-campus, the many opportunities for learning, growth, enterprise and just plain fun are the other building blocks of success.

Physics lab

Physics facilities

The students in the physics and astronomy department have all the best equipment, instrumentation and facilities at their fingertips. From robotics lab, to the star-gazing options at Hobbs Observatory, we have the gear to launch your career.

Top notch equipment
Students exploring physics and astronomy in a laboratory setting.

Time for fun and games 

It's well known that the Department of Physics & Astronomy is a rigorous program that produces serious scientists who go on to do great things in industry, research and academia. What you may not know is just how much good old-fashioned fun is had by the physics students and faculty every year. From the Cleverly Cobbled Contraption Contest  (pictured above), to the annual super scientific pumpkin drop experiment, to frequent gatherings and trips of the Society of Physics Students, there is no shortage of laughs to be shared along the way to becoming a physicist at UW-Eau Claire.

Mara Reed in Montana NSE

Physics Study Abroad + NSE

UWEC boasts some incredible numbers for sending students abroad for a semester of learning. And if leaving the country isn’t your desire, NSE allows a new learning experience here in the states.

Where to go?
Society of Physics Students

Physics student organizations

Among the hundred or so student organizations at UW-Eau Claire, there are a couple specific to physics and astronomy student interests. Check out the Society of Physics Students and Women in STEM.

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