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Physics Mission statement

Physics, the science of matter and energy, is the study of the deepest mysteries of our universe, ranging from subatomic particles to cosmology. Exploring ideas of space, time, matter, energy, and radiation, it serves as the basis for the physical sciences. Modern society is influenced by physics in countless ways, including recent developments in such fields as laser optics, miniaturized electronics, nuclear energy, and medical instrumentation.

Beyond the earth, astronomy applies the ideas of physics to the study of planets, stars, galaxies and all celestial phenomena within reach of our telescopes. Since the two areas share a vast array of common ideas and knowledge, new discoveries in physics often aid progress in astronomy and vice versa.

The faculty and staff of the department of physics and astronomy poses outside Phillips Hall.

Physics Faculty

What makes our physics and astronomy department stand out is the people, plain and simple. For a smaller school, we attract and retain simply the best instructors in the field who mentor, lead, teach and inspire students.

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