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At UWEC, auditions are open to all students!

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The Audition Experience

If you have played in the jazz ensembles at UW-Eau Claire before or miss playing in Jazz Ensemble from high school and your instrument has been collecting dust, now is the time to use your favorite tarnish remover, buy new reeds, try out new mouthpieces, start practicing and audition for one of four Jazz Ensembles. If you know how to improvise or would like to, there are also many Jazz Combos to perform in.

UW-Eau Claire Jazz Audition times and locations are as follows:

Saxophones                              12:00-2:00pm Feb. 5th in Haas Fine Arts 139

Rhythm section instruments         3:30-5:00pm Feb. 5th in Haas Fine Arts 164

Trumpets                                  12:00-1:15pm Feb. 6th in Haas Fine Arts 244

Trombones                                  1:15-2:00pm Feb. 6th in Haas Fine Arts 144

We have a new easier online sign up. To reserve an audition spot, go to Sign Up Genius 

If you are not able to make the scheduled time for your instrument, you may sign up at 11:30am on Wednesday, Feb. 5th.

How To Audition at UW-Eau Claire:

1. Sign Up for an audition time (Sign Up Genius will be set up a week before auditions)

2. Read all useful documents (including the audition piece(s), will be posted on this page closer to the audition dates)

3. Learn the audition piece(s) and optionally a prepared piece


At Your Audition:

1. Perform the audition piece(s)

2. Play a prepared piece (optional) can be written or improvised

Auditioning For Combos:
If you are interested in playing in a combo, please let us know at your audition. Your audition for large jazz ensembles will serve as your audition for combos, with the one exception being that everyone interested in a combo must improvise at their audition. A chorus or two of blues with a play along is perfectly acceptable for this, though I would encourage people to be more ambitious if possible. Combo placements will be competitive just as large ensemble placements are. Each group will meet at least one hour per week on their own, and have coachings with Aaron Hedenstrom, Christine Hitt or Jeremy Boettcher. Like any other ensemble at UWEC, attendance at rehearsals and coachings is mandatory. All groups will have opportunities to perform around town and at special events on and off campus


How to Prepare (Spring 2019):   

Charlie Parker's Solo on “Moose The Mooche” is the audition piece broken down by:

     Bb (Trumpet, Tenor Sax), C (Guitar, Piano), Bass Clef (Trombone, Bass), Eb (Alto Sax, Baritone Sax)

     This piece puts all on a level playing field, all having the same amount of time to prepare.

     We will be listening for tone, steady time, swing, accuracy, and tempo  (Do not speed up until the former characteristics are natural)

  -Play a prepared piece:

     Playing a transcription, lead trumpet, bass trombone etc. that you have worked on for a while so we can hear you at your very best.

     A prepared piece can make a difference for a chair or even a band.


  -Saxophones: play doubles

     In addition to saxophones, play a small (less then 8 bars) excerpt on as many doubles as possible.

     Playing doubles can make the difference of a chair or even band.


  -Guitarists, Pianists:

     Play melody then chords to “Moose The Mooche”

     Comp to the Blues or Rhythm Changes with Rhythm Section (Optional)



     Play melody then chords to “Moose The Mooche”

     Comp to the Blues or Rhythm Changes with Rhythm Section (Optional)



     Play 8 bar drum Intro to “Sister Sadie” then play through the lead sheet as if entire rhythm section was playing.

        We will imagine the other players, but we want to know how you accompany through the form.

          Sister Sadie (YouTube video)

          Bill Stewart's solo transcription from Sister Sadie (YouTube video)



You may also improvise (optional) on a standard:

     Bring your own audio