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High School and Middle School Mathematics Day

Sonia Kovalesky
Sonia Kovalesky

Coming soon.... Register below for our 11TH Annual

                    Sonia Kovalevsky Day Event
                    Saturday, March 11, 2023

                                              See our Schedule of Events below 

Sonia Kovalevsky was the first major Russian female mathematician, the first woman appointed to a full professorship in Northern Europe, and one of the first women to work as an editor for a scientific journal. University of Wisconsin Eau Claire Mathematics Department is proud to host Sonia Kovalevksy High School Mathematics Day each year in her honor.

"The motivation behind creating SK Day was to provide a welcoming space where middle and high school girls could explore math and the other STEM fields. We wanted participants to explore fun and exciting topics in math while being surrounded by a supportive environment of others with the same love of learning.” - Dr. Carolyn Otto, Mathematics Professor

This project aims to expose middle school and high school women and non-binary students to opportunities available in Math and Science by creating fun and exciting experiences through workshops, problem-solving activities, plenary talks and a friendly math competition. A Blugold student panel also highlights the experiences and opportunities available in mathematics at UW-Eau Claire. The teachers and sponsors are invited to attend our day of activities and participate in teacher workshops. We aim to create a network between the women and non-binary students and teacher/sponsor participants, the UW-Eau Claire Mathematics department, and our guest speakers. We hope to ignite a passion for Math and Science within our participants and to develop lasting relationships that will aid students in their transitions from high school to college.

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If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact:

Dr. Allison Beemer Dr. Carolyn Otto
Assistant Professor Professor
email: email:
phone: 715-836-3517 phone: 715-836-3265



We would like to thank the following sponsors for helping us make Sonia Kovalevsky High School and Middle School Mathematics Day possible:

  • The Provost's Office
  • UW-Eau Claire Foundation
  • UW-Eau Claire Math Department
  • Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, UW-Eau Claire
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