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Many ways to get involved

At UW-Eau Claire, the academic focus is on giving students a well-rounded education. At the same time, the personal focus is on giving students a breadth of life experiences that build confident, informed, and curious citizens of the world.

How do we do this? We start with the talents and knowledge of world-class faculty who present rigorous courses, creating a thirst for discovery. Then we add just the right blend of challenging, eye-opening, and fun opportunities outside of the classroom to encourage growth as students, scholars, global citizens, and professionals. 

From a robust undergraduate research program to student organizations, study abroad, cultural immersion and internships that bridge the gap to a career, Blugolds have exciting options for high-impact experiences.

Materials Science students work together

Materials Science + Biomedical Engineering Research

The students in materials science and biomedical engineering lead the way on this campus in terms of undergraduate collaborative research, beginning as first year students and throughout the program.

Leaders in research
King Laskowski scholarship

MS+BME Scholarships

Students in materials science and biomedical engineering have raked in an impressive number of scholarship dollars in recent years, including several prestigious national and international awards. There is tremendous financial support to be had.

Funding for STEM
Materials Science instrument

Materials Science Facilities

The Materials Science + Engineering Center provides Blugold students the access to instrumentation nearly unheard of at an undergraduate level, and they become proficient on it.

Facilities beyond compare

Students who come here aren't just engineers or scientists — they're materials scientists or materials engineers AND musicians, actors, tennis players. All of those broad interests can be incorporated and they can explore those and really figure out how they fit together.

Elizabeth Glogowski Materials Science and Engineering Associate Professor
Women in STEM

Student Orgs for MS+BME

Involved students tend to be more successful in college, and student in materials science and biomedical engineering have many avenues for getting connected on and off campus.

Find your connections in MS+BME

Reflecting on the UW-Eau Claire journey

Tayo Sanders II started at UW-Eau Claire just like any other student, navigating his way through the ins and outs of college life. Tayo reflects on his experience at UWEC and what the future holds for him after he completes his time as a Rhodes scholar.

Mat Sci grad looks back
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