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Liberal studies is an opportunity within itself, but did you know it can offer you more opportunities than you could imagine? With being able to create your own major, you’ll also be able to study abroad, immerse yourself in another culture, do research with your peers and professors, snag a really cool internship and even more. We know you’re driven individuals, so what opportunity will you grasp next?

There are endless opportunities available at UW-Eau Claire. During my four years, I was able to design my own major; work for the school newspaper as a writer, photographer and puzzle maker; compete in collegiate bowling; and take unique classes provided by the Honors Program. UWEC has provided me with skills and memories that I will value and cherish forever.

Samantha Farley Liberal Studies: Multimedia and Web Design
Student studying outside

Liberal studies research

We already know you’re a driven and motivated individual who designed your own major, but did you know through your major you’ll also get to dig deeper into what you’re passionate about? Find the topics the masses have not yet discovered and get going!

Research awaits
Student workers in Career Services

Find an internship

It is important for you to get experience in your fields of interest. The best way to do this is to complete the LS Internship Course and work directly in a professional setting on or off campus. Test out the career you’re interested in!

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