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Liberal Studies Academic Offerings

Liberal Studies Majors and Minors

You choose, we support. Choose your courses, electives, extracurricular opportunities and create a major that can live up to your vision. Whether you are designing your own major or preparing yourself for service in the Peace Corps, we’re ready to get you going on that path.

The liberal studies department offers the following program:

Liberal Studies Major

The liberal studies program is an outlet for you to cultivate your passions. Courses always invite relevant and engaging discussions and the advisors brought insight and experience as they helped me craft my major. I felt as though I were part of a team, where all of us worked together to create meaningful educational experiences.

Luke Gladis Liberal Studies: Multimedia Communication, Social Justice Emphasis
Students assisting with farming

Peace Corps Prep Certificate

Want to become a global citizen and volunteer for the Peace Corps after graduation? Then we have just the thing for you. Start our Peace Corps Prep Certificate to begin your journey towards being a Peace Corps volunteer.

Work for global peace
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