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Whichever of our many language offerings interest you most, the key ingredient is instruction, and there's no doubt about it — our instructors are the "crème de la crème." The faculty and staff in the department of languages are on a mission to increase language proficiency and prepare students to pursue their passions and careers in a global world. They ensure that cultural immersion, student-faculty research, internships and study abroad all work together to promote multilingualism and cultural literacy, a core value of a liberal arts education.

The Department of Languages at UWEC is an incredibly talented department. Every single professor I have had has amazed me with their immense dedication and love for the subject they teach.

Callie Fischer Spanish

Department staff



English as a Second Language



Hmong Studies



UW-Eau Claire - Barron County:

Retired Faculty, IAS, and Staff

Adler, Julie

  • English as A Second Language, 1996-2018

Armendariz, Angelo, Ph.D.

  • Spanish, 1970-2003

Bacharach, Hilde, Ph.D.

  • German, 1962-1985

Day, Patrick, Ph.D.

  • French, 1998-2019

Duff, Virginia

  • Dept. Office, 2009-2016

Gable, Dale

  • Spanish, 1991-2015

Gunn, Dick, Ph.D.

  • German, 1968-1999

Hoff, Nuria

  • Spanish, 1991-2022

Johnson, Joyce

  • English as A Second Language, 2007-2018

Lazda, Irene, Ph.D.

  • German, 1969-2011

Lindseth, Martina Ph.D.

  • German, 1998-2021

Merlo, Paul, Ph.D.

  • French, 1971-2012

Oswalt, Emilia, Ph.D.

  • Russian, English as A Second Language, 2008-2022

Poitzsch, Manfred, Ph.D.

  • German, 1964-1996

Ramsey, Judy

  • Dept. Office, 1994-2015

Reiter, Tom

  • Spanish, 2003-2020

Santos-Phillips, Eva, Ph.D.

  • Spanish, 1996-2013

Schafer, Vickie

  • Dept. Office, 1981-2023

Strohschänk, Johannes, Ph.D.

  • German, 1988-2020

Strohschänk, Marie-France

  • French, 1989-2011

Thevenin, Dominique, Ph.D.

  • French, 1987-2014

Woodward, Karen, Ph.D.

  • French, 1984-2002
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