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Rock it with honors

Your Blugold geology degree will provide extraordinary academics, hands-on experiences, research opportunities, internships and industry connections. In addition, you can further distinguish your degree by pursuing honors. Departmental honors is an avenue to upper level research, unique opportunities to present your research both on and off-campus, and further preparation for the rigors of high-level graduate research and/or a field-based geology career.

What's required?

  • Department invitation basis for admission
  • Cumulative and geology GPA of 3.5, for admission and maintained throughout program
  • One major faculty-student collaborative research project, presented at regional, national or international professional conference
  • Honors capstone thesis or project

See course catalog for full details, and inquire in the geology department to get involved.

Chemistry honors class

Challenge yourself in the Honors program

You work hard and it shows. Make the most of your efforts by becoming part of the UW-Eau Claire Honors Program. Our faculty makes it easy to map your own college path with seminars, colloquia, independent projects and honors sections of regular courses.

University Honors
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