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Geography + Anthropology Organizations

Places to see, people to meet

Make new friends and have some fun! Joining a student organization is a great way to socialize and network with peers in your major/minor outside the classroom. Connect with geography and anthropology organizations for volunteering opportunities such as preserving the natural beauty of the Eau Claire area and promoting geography and anthropology in local schools and much more.

I’ve never witnessed a department of students so willing to help one another succeed in classes and research. We also have fun events like the highway clean up, squirrel stew, geography week, and volunteer events that keep our org busy throughout the year.

Emily Moothart | President, Geography and Anthropology Club 2014-2016

More in store

You’re lucky enough to have more than 250 student organizations to choose from here. There’s something for everyone and students often start their own clubs or organizations. Join one or many; just know there’s an organization for you!

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