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2022-23 Seminar Series - UW-Eau Claire


Schedule For Seminar Series

Title Speaker Date\Time Location
Gondwana Glaciations: Unraveling the Sedimentary Records of the Late Paleozoic Ice Age Dr. Libby Ives / United States Geological Survey Friday - September 30 - 4pm Phillips 117
Exploration Geology at the Kensington Mine, Juneau, AK Trevor Nelson Friday - October 7 - 4pm Phillips 117
No speaker - GSA Oct 9-12 Friday - October 14 Phillips 117
Grad School: field work in Mongolia film Film: Through the Valleys Friday - October 21 - 4pm Phillips 117
So, you're thinking about grad school? Scott Clark, Harry Jol Friday - October 28 - 4pm Phillips 117
Transitioning from Data-Starved to Data-Driven Decision-Making Anthony Aufdenkampe / LimnoTech Friday - November 18 - 4pm Phillips 117
No Speaker - Holiday Break Friday - November 25 Phillips 117
Role of Geologists, Geographers, and Environmental Scientists in Climate Action J. Drake Hamilton / Fresh Energy Friday - December 2 - 4pm Phillips 007
Using geoscience to search for & locate Holocaust mass execution trenches in Latvia Harry Jol  Friday - December 9 - 4pm Phillips 117
Mine Instability Investigations John Beck Friday - February 10 - 4pm Phillips 117
Antarctica, Duluth Complex, Mafic Magmatic Systems, Oh My Dean Peterson, PhD Friday - February 17 - 4pm Phillips 117
TBD Zach Hilgendorf Friday - February 24 - 4pm Phillips 117
TBD Liz Balgord Friday - March 3 - 4pm Phillips 117
TBD Iftekhar Alam Friday - March 10 - 4pm Phillips 117
TBD Dr. Ken Belitz (Birdsall Dreiss Lecturer) Friday - April 12 - 4pm Phillips 117
TBD J. Brian Mahoney Friday - April 28 - 4pm Phillips 117
TBD Paula S. Apsell / Executive Producer Emerita NOVA  Friday - May 12 - 4pm Phillips 117
2021-2022 Seminar Series
Title Speaker Date\Time Location
The Art of Making Precambrian Geologic Maps: A Tribute to Sam Helmuth (1994-2021) Rob Lodge Friday - September 24 - 4pm Phillips 117

How low can you go? Do (igneous) silicic magmatic processes continue to <400°C?

Craig Lundstrom Friday - October 1 - 4pm Phillips 117

Transition from Fossil Fuels to Renewable Energy

Sandy Rushworth Monday - October 4 - 4pm Phillips 117
So, you're thinking about grad school? Scott Clark, Harry Jol, Gloria Howerton, Jonathan McCombs Friday - October 15 - 4pm Phillips 117
Iron in the fire: influence of plant burning on soil Fe chemistry and magnetic properties Jessica Till Friday - October 22 - 4pm Phillips 117
Mapping Khmer Rouge Irrigation Schemes in Cambodia: towards an understanding of their role in the Cambodian Genocide Mandy Munro-Stasiuk Friday - November 5 - 4pm Phillips 117
Communicating in the Earth Sciences: Context and Broader Impacts Kat Cantner Friday - November 19 - 4pm Phillips 117

Like a moth to a Coleman lantern …. More apropos of field work

Join us Virtually at this link - Earth Science Seminar Series Virtual Participation Link

Listen to the presentation via phone by dialing +1-312-626-6799 and following the instructions (Meeting ID 992 5696 4103, Passcode 1)

Garry L. Running IV Friday - December 3 - 4pm Phillips 007
2020-21 Seminar Series      
Title Speaker Date\Time Location
From Bathtub to Baselevel: Origin of Through-Flowing Drainages in Extensional Tectonic Landscapes Phil Larson Friday - April 9 - 4pm Phillips Hall 007

Picture a Scientist Moderated by Dr. Catherine Chan - Executive Director of ORSP, UW-Eau Claire

Panelist will include

  • Dr. Jennifer Dahl - Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, UW-Eau Claire
  • Dr. Nora Mitchell - Department of Biology, UW-Eau Claire
  • Dr. Papia Rozario - Department of Geography and Anthropology, UW-Eau Claire
  • Dr. Sarah Vitale - Department of Geology, UW-Eau Claire
Panel Discussion Friday - March 26 - 4pm Phillips Hall 007
Picture a Scientist  Documentary Friday - March 19 - 4pm Phillips Hall 007
The Role of Electrodynamics in Saturn's Upper Atmosphere Jess Vriesema Friday - March 12 - 4pm Phillips Hall 007
Shoreline Response to Littoral Drift Cell Disturbance and Lake-Level Change along the Southern Lake Michigan Coast Erin Argyilan Friday - March 5 - 4pm Phillips Hall 007
GSA Continental Scientific Drilling Division 2020 Distinguished Lecturer: The Impact of Lake El’gygytgyn, NE Russia, on our Knowledge of Polar Climate: This changes everything Julie Brigham-Grette Friday - February 26 - 4pm Phillips Hall 007
2020-21 CSEG Distinguished Lecture Tour: Good Geoscience in Dire Places: Searching for Water in Humanitarian Crises Paul Bauman Friday - February 19 - 4pm Phillips Hall 007
The Role of Electrodynamics in Saturn's Upper Atmosphere Jess Vriesema POSTPONED Phillips Hall 007
Thanksgiving Break Friday - November 27
Slicing Through Time Wil Taylor POSTPONED Phillips Hall 007
How to make a giant zinc deposit: lessons from the Red Dog District, Alaska Merilie Reynolds Friday - November 13 - 4pm Phillips Hall 007
Are you interested in Graduate School? UWEC Faculty Friday - October 16 - 4pm Phillips Hall 007
Through the Valleys Movie Friday - October 9 - 4pm Phillips Hall 007


Where Funding Comes From

Funding for the Earth Science Seminar Series has been provided by the UW-Eau Claire Academic Affairs Professional Development Program, the UW-Eau Claire Foundation, the College of Arts and Sciences, the Department of Geology and the Department of Geography & Anthropology. 

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