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Your very own library

Founded in memory of a beloved professor of English, the Kate Gill Library was created from a donation to the department to "buy books" . . . and did we ever! Over the last 44 years, what began with a donation of $25K has evolved into a vital research and study resource for students and faculty in the English department.

The Kate Gill library is open for students' use as a study space or to conduct collaborative research, and generally follows the office hours of the department during semesters, summer and interim sessions. What began with a small collection of books has grown to over 1500 books and periodicals, as well as an impressive collection of 500 DVDs.

The Kate Gill Library is doing exactly what was always wished by its namesake: Kate Gill always hoped that the English department at UW-Eau Claire would continue to grow and play an essential role in the vibrant liberal arts education of Blugolds, and her little library has done that in pretty big ways.

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