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Enhancing your experience

What do you think of when you imagine your college academic experience? Is it the classes, reading, exams, papers, and the ultimate goal of the bachelor's degree? That is all a big part of the journey, true enough, but at UW-Eau Claire we ensure that along with the more typical experiences that spring to mind, we create a wide range of "extras" for students.

It's often the opportunities outside of the classroom — internships, study abroad, student organizations, and others — that round out the Blugold experience and provide the connections, relationships, leadership skills, and professional experience that not only set you up to succeed but truly anchor you to UW-Eau Claire. 

A little something extra

The Department of English is known for offering some of the most numerous and unique "extras" on campus. A wide array of student organizations, student publications, opportunities for collaborative research and degree plans that allow the time for study abroad give students who major or minor in English many vibrant and enriching ways to get and stay connected to faculty, fellow students, and the campus as a whole. 

Check out the exciting opportunities English students have to become involved in some life-changing experiences.   

Writing initiative prepares students for academic, career success

Academic Apprentices + Tutors

One of the best things about UW-Eau Claire is all the amazing networks of support for students, and the multiple ways that students can find assistance in writing not only helps those students, but offers English students a chance to tutor and mentor.

Help fellow students
Theresa Kemp

Research opportunities

In the English department, students and faculty are very busy conducting research, and it often takes them off campus to areas of the community where projects have a real local impact.

Wide array of research
Student reader at NOTA open mic night in the Cabin

Student Orgs in English

It’s been proven that students who become involved in events and organizations on campus have a much higher retention and graduation rate. The English department student organizations are a great place to start!

Check out English orgs
Students in Winchester, England.

English Study Abroad

The English department can boast some of the highest numbers on campus for majors and minors who are able to study abroad. The broad range of coursework allows for credits abroad to easily apply, keeping grad dates on track.

Learning about literature over
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