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English Academic Offerings

Finding your future in English

When one thinks of an "English major," what comes to mind is the classic literature student wading through a stack of books and typing feverishly at the keys. Which, it turns out, is a pretty narrow view of our diverse field of studies. The English Department at UW-Eau Claire is home to a wide range of diverse subject areas, all of which strive to teach students how to think critically and communicate effectively — both vital skills in and beyond college. The English Department offers a major and minor in an array of emphases, as well as several certificates.

Students who major or minor in English may immerse themselves in the study of film, popular culture, linguistics, rhetoric, critical theory, scientific writing, literature, technology in communications, poetry, fiction, dialects, and much more. Students in the English department are empowered to find their futures amidst our wide array of offerings.  Our dream is help to you achieve yours, to give you the keys to unlock the doors to your future.  

Students in English class

English Majors + Minors

The English department offers five majors, five minors, one certificate, giving the program a wide range of appeal for students with diverse interests in language, literature, writing and English education.

The right program for you
David Jones

English Department Honors

Students who wish to take their undergraduate degree to a higher level and pursue a more rigorous educational experience can participate in the departmental honors program in English. Departmental Honors gives distinction to a Blugold English degree.

Top it off with honors

A legacy of learning

Few departments at UW-Eau Claire can boast their own library, but English is one of them. The Kate Gill Library and Resource Center has become a favorite place for English majors, as well as a standout academic resource.

Integral facility in English
Prof. Turners works with students.

Blugold Seminar

The Blugold Seminar is our award-winning, first-year writing program. See how it will make you a stronger reader, writer, and researcher.

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