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Very busy researchers

One of the factors that sets the UW-Eau Claire economics department apart from the pack is the amount of student-faculty collaborative research that takes place here.

UW-Eau Claire has earned a national reputation to add to long-standing state distinction as the UW-System Center for Excellence in Undergraduate Research, and the economics department is a big part of this recognition with faculty mentoring students every semester — some as many as 15 students at once — to say there are many opportunities for undergraduate research is a bit of an understatement. Collaborative research is one of the hallmarks of the department.

Research is an opportunity to pursue special interests, present at state and national conferences, and set yourself apart for grad school or employment. 

Regional Economics Research

Our mission is to supply basic economic information and to produce and disseminate timely economic analysis in order to help foster economic development in the region.  

In accomplishing this mission, we strive to create strong and lasting relationships between the university and the area business community as well as local/regional public officials and non-profit agencies.  We pride ourselves on providing hands-on experience for our economics majors by involving students in our research and analysis activities.

International Research

The Economics department partakes in the International Fellows Program which uniquely combines intercultural immersion and student-faculty collaborative research to create an undergraduate experience that sets students apart in undergrad research.

Presenting far and wide

Our students have the unique opportunity, as undergraduates, to present their research projects at conferences throughout the state and often nationally as well. Each year the opportunities vary, but the following list are typical conferences and symposia that Blugolds engage in:

  • The Wisconsin Economics Association
  • Posters in the Rotunda, annual student research celebration in Madison
  • Bard College Conference on Asia and the Environment
  • The Midwest Economics Association
  • UW System Symposium on Undergraduate Research
  • Wisconsin Lakes Conference
  • National Council on Undergraduate Research
  • Celebration of Excellence in Research and Creative Activity (CERCA)
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