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Hyperlocal Produce for All Students

In 2021 students at UWEC began advocating for more local, fresh produce to be available on campus. In 2022 UWEC purchased two hydroponics units, now located in the HUB in Davies Center. Hydroponics is a farming technique that removes the need for soil. The plants’ root systems are supported by seed pods while nutrient-rich water flows through, allowing the produce to grow with dense nutrient value.

These hydroponics machines grow lettuce, herbs and other types of food, which are all donated to the Campus Food Pantry. The harvest creates new access to fresh produce for students who live in food deserts and who may not be able to afford fresh produce otherwise. Additionally, sourcing your food locally and eating vegetarian (or “flexitarian”) is one of the most effective ways to reduce your personal carbon footprint! 

A student removes a tray of very green, short microgreens from the hydroponics unit and places it on a nearby table.

Join the Hydroponics Volunteer Team!


With a time commitment of only 1-2 hours per week, volunteering to assist with the hydroponics units is a great way to give back to your community, or to build your resume. Service learning hours are also available! 

Email for more information.



According to Project Drawdown, reducing food waste and eating plant rich diets are the #1 and #2 ways to stop Climate Change. Learn what Sodexo and UWEC are doing to improve your meal options and tackle climate change here

Babylon Micro-Farms stats include:

  • Saves 70-90% of water use when compared with traditional farming 
  • Can grow as much produce as 2,000 square feet of farmland 
  • Saves a much as 7.13lb of fertilizer runoff 
  • And more! 
Seed pods for hydroponics farm

Eating as local as it gets

UW-Eau Claire has launched an important new sustainability program in Davies Center — hydroponic garden units housed in the former HUB space. The “farms” will grow fresh produce that can be available to Sodexo and the Campus Harvest food pantry.

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